Sorry, it’s been a while

So, another week has flown by. Summer seems to have at last arrived in our little corner of Africa and the wind has (fingers crossed) also gone into hiding. As you’ve probably realised, I’m a very loyal PE girl but we did just seem to have a few too many weeks of very hectic wind. One day of wind is actually too many in my opinion, so day after day it gets a bit much.

I’ve been meaning to show you a plan of our house as we’re pretty much done with the changes and it’s now all systems go to have the plans approved and start with the building as soon as the builders all get back from their holiday over Christmas. The red bits is all the stuff that must be added or changed. On the plans it doesn’t look like that much as the actual footprint of the house isn’t changing very much but it is a lot of internal stuff. The first phase will be redoing the patio (it is now very closed in), putting in a pool, extending the garage (yes, the garage is going to be enormous) and bashing down the 2 bedroom flat that’s in the garden (people think we’re mad but so what) and making the wall in the front of our house a solid wall (it is a combination of wall and pallisade fencing at the moment). Chris has dreams of restoring an old Porsche or Mini one day, hence the 4 car garage. He’s the one paying so I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

Plans for Brighton Drive

Every year they hold a “Christmas in the home” market in PE which is mainly for people that work from home and make stuff to supply the monthly markets that are held all over PE or some shops or whatever. I didn’t go last year but I made sure I went this year. It was held at the same venue as the Home Expo but it was brilliant and the venue worked well this time as it was set out so well and everything was clearly marked. The quality of the stuff was incredible, the prices very reasonable and I got such awesome stuff and could have got so much more, if only I’d taken more money. I did take business cards of the people I still want to buy from.

Zoe would like a dolls’ house for Christmas. There is one at a toy shop here in PE, but it’s not exactly what I want as it’s big enough to fit a Barbie and I’d prefer not to get her a Barbie dolls’ house. Woolies now stock a whole lot of the Early Learning Centre toys from the UK and I’ve seen little dolls’ house people and furniture but I’m not sure if they stock the actual dolls’ house (Maybe anyone from Cape Town or Joburg can help me out). I tried phoning the Woolies at Canal Walk but managed to get hold of a very helpful lady that didn’t have a clue what a dolls’ house was. Chris is of course keen to make one but Christmas is coming and it will probably only be ready in time for her birthday. My aunt lives in the UK and is coming out in February and she always flies business class, so I could always ask her to get it for me (and Zoe could then get it for her birthday). I phoned the Early Learning Centre (ELC) in the UK and they said the box weighs 9,5kg and is 64 X 46 X 20. I must still phone my aunt and ask her though, eek!!! It is also pretty reasonable only 72 pounds as the “Barbie” one I’ve seen here is R1500. Decisions, decisions. At the Christmas expo I saw the most divine wooden train sets – with little houses to go next to the tracks and gorgeous little trains, bridges, etc. so I’m keen to get that for Ava. My poor girls have such a lot of “boy” stuff but they love it – masses of Duplo and Lego, an ELC car garage, loads of cars and now a train set but I just loved lego and train sets as a child and they seem to as well. I also got some Barbie clothes for Zoe at the Christmas expo. My mom has made and knitted her lots of stuff for her other dolls but I think Barbie stuff is a bit too fiddly and they were selling gorgeous outfits with accessories and underwear for between R20 and R40, which really is for nothing if one thinks of the work that must go into it.

It’s been a bittersweet week as well. Good friends of ours heard yesterday that their very final attempt to have their own biological child failed. They do have 2 adopted children but earlier in the year they did a GIFT cycle and they froze the remaining embryos. Everything was looking great as the embryos were already hatching when they put them back but her bloodtest was negative. They’ve done IVF many times but this time things were really looking good and they were fairly optimistic about their chances. I am heartbroken for them. It’s quite ironic as another good friend had her Mirena removed at the end of August and is 8 weeks pregnant. I am unbelievably happy and excited for them as she’s 34 and the last thing I want is for them to struggle but these other friends also started trying when the wife was 34 and 6 years (and who knows how many thousands of rands) later, she still isn’t pregnant.

I’ve probably said this before but the thing that troubles me the most about life is why some people that desperately want children (and are able to care and provide and love them) can’t have them and yet others  either abort or abuse or neglect theirs.

In terms of running news, Chris and I ran a 27km race yesterday and it went well. We kind of ran it together – I always start off faster, then he caught and passed me on the hills and then we finished together in a time of 2 hours and 15 minutes. I came 10th again (in the ladies) but I was rather tired and I am getting more and more anxious about Two Oceans. Two Oceans has a lot of hills, mostly towards the end of the race and mentally I’m not very tough. I am also getting more and more nervous for the marathon which is now in about a month. We have such a busy month ahead with parties, parties and more parties, a trip to East London and we must start getting our Schengen visas sorted and there’s lots of work admin stuff that I need to help Chris with.

It’s that time of the year I suppose.


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