Cough, cough, cough, cough,cough,…

That was Zoe last night. From just before 2am till after 4am and then she started again at 6am cough, cough, cough, cough. Her room is right next to ours and all our doors are open and I’m a light sleeper, so it kept me awake. Poor mite, she was also disturbed by it. Disrupted sleep is never good for a marriage or I should rather say, we don’t communicate very well in situations like this. Codeine suppresses a cough and Stopayne has codeine in it, and I think that Stopayne works better for our kids (to stop them coughing) than cough syrup. Zoe will take any medicine you give her, Ava won’t. She’ll sort-of swallow Stopayne but you don’t have a hope of getting cough syrup into her. But fortunately Ava doesn’t have a cough, at the moment that is. Now, I know that suppressing a cough is not actually a good thing but when the cough is keeping the child and her parents awake for hours then I’m afraid I don’t care. She’s 3 and a half, she’s not chesty or allergic and she doesn’t get a cough very often.

So, as we’re getting them ready for bed last night I ask Chris what we should give Zoe (she’d coughed on Saturday night quite a bit, although not much in the day on Sunday). He says Tussitot (cough syrup with a bit of drying up stuff and a bit of codeine). He gives her an extra spoon (so that she then has the same amount of codeine as 5ml of Stopayne). The actual Tussitot dose is only 1 spoon. (Bad parents). My vote would have been for Rinex/Mucospect and then Stopayne but I’m not the doctor. So just before 2am she wakes up for a wee and after that starts coughing. It carries on non-stop, literally non-stop for hours. She’s lying on about 3 pillows (1 is even a continental one), had water, even had 5ml of Stopayne (I gave it to her) and still it carries on. I keep saying to Chris that there must be something we can give her to make it stop. He says no, I even suggested Valargan (?spelling), absolutely not don’t be crazy he says. I am wide awke, he is dozing all these hours. How do I know? At one point he tells me that it sounds like she has the 100 day cough. The 100 day cough I ask. Yes, you know croup!!!! Now, even I know that croup and the 100 day cough are definitely not the same thing.  The 100 day cough is another name for whooping cough and croup (thank goodness neither of my kids have had it) is the one where you have to put them in a room full of steam and give them some or other medication – not sure if it’s adrenalin or steroids but it’s not whooping cough.

On hearing those pearls of wisdom I became very cross as I knew he was only pretending to be awake, not suffering with me as I listened to this poor kid cough and cough and cough. He then pipes up and tells me that he remembers coughing like this as a child. Well, no wonder he doesn’t know what to give her then. I DO NOT remember ever coughing like this as a child so obviously my mom knows about some or other magic medicine that he and his mother haven’t heard of. I phoned my mom this morning and she confirmed that none of us ever coughed  but she has no idea what she gave us and that we generally got ear problems and tonsilitis!!! I then stopped at the chemist and asked them what magic cure they could sell me. His answer, he doesn’t like to suppress a cough. What can he suggest, 1 teaspoon of Tussitot, AGGHHH. I told him that did nothing. If she coughs all night again tonight then maybe we can consider something to suppress her cough!!! The teacher said she coughed at school and she went to lie down now and rest and she’s coughing. Tonight will probably be worse and I have bookclub, so won’t be able to go to bed early and get in a few hours of sleep before the cough, cough, cough starts. Boo hoo. Please don’t misunderstand me, I do feel most sorry for Zoe and most of the reason I lie awake is because I’m worried about her coughing so much.


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