Loving summer

Today is an absolutely perfect day here in PE. Not too hot, sunny and not a breath of wind. Only downside is that Zoe is still sick, so we can’t go swimming. We might still go to the beach so the dogs can have a dig and a swim and the girls can play on the beach. She didn’t cough as much last night but when I checked on her just before going to bed, she was felt absolutely boiling. Her temp was 38,9 which I know isn’t that high but my kids so rarely get fevers that I got a bit of a shock. We gave her a ponstan suppository and she was NOT impressed. Chris did it with me holding the torch and she was shouting “YOU DON”T PUT MEDICINE IN YOUR BUM DADDY!!!!!” Screaming so loudly that I was convinced Ava would wake up.

When we went on holiday in July the kiddies of our friends that went with us got terrible gastro and she heard more than witnessed them getting anti-nausea/vomitting suppositories and she’s watched Ava getting them when she was little so she did kind of understand but was definitely pretty upset. The thing is that she loves drinking medicine so much that she was also a bit cross about missing out on that. We just felt we needed to bring her temp down as quickly as possible. She is such a little thinker and questioner that I had to lie with her a bit afterwards while she asked me over and over (half-asleep) why she’d needed the suppository and who all had ever had one and why. She seems much better today but Chris got her an appointment to see the paed this afternoon just to make sure it’s nothing serious.

Ava is speaking more and more and is now up to “mama’, “dada”, “up”, “bye bye”,”hello”,”Nana”,”woof”, “Ida”(my mom’s maid), “Taa”, “Zuzi” (Joyce’s Xhosa name),”Ava” (sounds more like Aya),”there”, “more”,”water”,”bottle”, “Kohl” (my parents’ dog),”baba” but then something similar to “baba” for a bird and “doddie” for dog. Writing them all done I’m actually quite amazed how many it is as I’m sure I’m missing some. She does struggle with Zoe and just goes “Zzz”. She is such a happy, easy-going little soul and her only fault is wanting to be picked up a lot, which I find hard to resist towards the end of the day but that doesn’t make cooking an easy task. Zoe is incredibly good about playing with her and is always very willing to try and keep her entertained although Ava isn’t always quite as keen.


2 Responses to “Loving summer”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Hahahahahaha! I love her comment on the supps! Walter would absolutley agree with her! He might be dying but there is no way in hell he’ll use a suppository!

  2. coachmarcia Says:


    If Kendra could talk properly, she’d say the same thing. We get a look LOADED with venom when we give her suppositories 🙂

    I hope the lovely PE weather happens when we’re there……..

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