Happy tired

We’ve had a physically busy weekend. It started off with a bump… Zoe fell off her horse at horse riding. She was riding bareback and not concentrating all that well. The horse had stopped and Kiara (her riding instructor) had to give the horse quite  a bit of encouragement to get going again and obviously Zoe wasn’t holding on very well. I saw it happening but wasn’t quick enough to catch her. She would have been absolutely fine except that she fell with her back onto the one and only pole lying on the ground in the arena. She always rides with a riding hat but still hit her back with quite a thump. She cried but did get back on and rode for a bit longer and was absoultely fine by the time we got home – jumping on the trampoline, climbing on the jungle gym and didn’t complain at all.

I ran a 10km race on Saturday but went to enter the race on Friday evening. It was a stunning day on Friday and in the summer there are swimming races in the sea every 2nd Friday evening and surfski timetrials (also in the sea) every Friday evening. I had to go and enter the race at Kings Beach so we drove passed all the swimmers doing there thing and I had the girls with me so after entering we quickly went onto the ebach to watch the start of the surfski race. I felt very glad to be living in such an active city but felt a bit guilty that we were driving in our car. No need to feel guilty this evening though.

I managed to improve a bit on my 10km time in the race – did it in 44min 11 seconds and came 9th overall in the ladies section. That meant that I earned quite a lot of points for my club which is good as we are currently 3rd in the ladies section amongst all the clubs in the league. Last night Zoe and Ava slept over at my parents as Chris and I wanted to do a long run. We ran 32km and I felt remarkably good. The soles of my feet started to burn a little bit in the last km or so but other than that I felt 100%. Hopefully that means we are ready for the marathon which is about a month away. Not actually sure if one is ever 100% ready to run a marathon but I’m really hoping that I can run it in about 3 hours 45 minutes. Originally the plan was for us both to run the 10km race and for me to do the long run on my own but I just decided that 32km was really way too far to run alone and so Chris and another friend of ours Frank came along. It really helped having them both with me as the distance (and time) seemed to go very quickly. Frank also ran the 10km race yesterday but he ran to the race and back home again, so probably ran about 20km yesterday. He started to get quite tired (no surprise there) towards the end of our run and wanted to walk a bit so we left him (sounds awful) as we’d tried to slow the pace but that hadn’t helped much. Even with the bit of walking and slowing down we did the run in 2 hours 45 minutes. So, I’ve run a marathon this weekend, just not all in one day. Chris picked up the girls from my folks and took them and the dogs down to the beach while I did a quick Woolies food shop and then joined them all. We all managed a midday nap – blissful and then had our first “swim” of the season in the jacuzzi. The jacuzzi’s days are numbered as it will go to make way for the pool. We will have solar heating for our pool but it definitely won’t get as warm as the jacuzzi. Zoe is swimming so well though that the jacuzzi really isn’t up to scratch as she just wants to swim up and down, all her different strokes, float and dive down – not really possible in a jacuzzi. Ava spent the entire time throwing plastic fish for the dogs to retrieve, although she did “swim” underwater a few times.



One Response to “Happy tired”

  1. coachmarcia Says:

    You put me to shame! Seriously, you guys are awesome! I wish I enjoyed running as I’m sure I could get my weight down in no time at all 🙂

    Also, please send me your email address to marcia at the123blog.com – I only have it on the work mail (that this sign on goes to) and I often want to reply to your blog comments but I can’t remember it.

    Thought of you today as I had TWO helpings of malva pudding with custard – YUM!

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