Plans ready for submission

Yip, our plans are being submitted on Wednesday, yay. We will also be able to get some copies to give to my dad (a Quantity Surveyor) and the builder/s to start getting a pretty good idea of what the renovations will cost us. Hopefully there’s enough money in the bond and a bit extra to do the “new” bits of garden and all the extras that invariably crop up in abundance when one starts to build. It is a massive pity that we can’t just move out and get everything done all at once but that will probably cost close to a million and we just don’t have that kind of money right now. I am a bit worried that we’re going to do the garden up, only to have it trashed by the second round of building in 2 or 3 years time. I keep reminding myself that at least if we get a whole lot of trees planted, they will have a few years of growth in them and grass is easy and relatively inexpensive to relay. I am starting to get a bit anxious about the whole building process. I really don’t like chaos, mess, dirt and disorder or lots of people in my space. We spend a lot of time outside playing in the garden and it’s going to be the height of summer when they are building so I’m not quite sure how we’re going to keep oursleves entertained as we also have a lot of play dates here at home. The builder said it will take 8 weeks and you know what builders are like. Having said that, when we did renovations in Cape Town our builder said 6 weeks and he was finished in 5 but that is fairly unheard of, unless one deals with this builder – he is a superstar. We have recommended him to quite a few friends and family and he’s alwyas done a good job, on time and on budget and if any little issues crop up afterwards he comes the same day that you phone him to sort it out.

Chris is also unbelievably busy at work and there are always so many details to be taken care of and decisions to be made and stuff to be organised, etc.,etc. and I know that most of that will be left up to me BUT, Chris is extremely particular about certain stuff (and which stuff can be fairly unpredictable) so that’s quite a responsibility. The last time we built, Chris was often home from work before I was and did most of the dealings with the builder. He also wants to make the gate himself and is now going to be making Zoe’s dolls house and I’m just not sure when all of this is going to happen as he keeps telling me he feels like he’s been hit by a train. I, on the other hand, am feeling remarkably good. No prize for guessing who has the easiest job at the moment.

Zoe and Ava are both being little angels at the moment – most of the time, which is pretty good considering they are 43 and 17 months old respectively. I am astounded by just what a caring, loving big sister Zoe is. Ava is prone to crying to try and get her own way or whatever object she desires. Now, a lot of older siblings will kick up a fuss or refuse and a huge fight will break out. Not Zoe, she’ll happily give Ava whatever it is she wants or if she reallly doesn’t want to give it up, she’ll fetch something very exciting to try and entice Ava with. She never really moans or complains if Ava knocks her stuff over or draws all over her picture and she’ll always try and include Ava in all of her games. Unfortunately, Ava isn’t very good about following the rules and is not always interested in playing all the games or attending “school” that Zoe holds in her bedroom for all her dolls and stuffed menagerie. Ava would far rather be stuck to her mother, why I honestly don’t know, surely playing with your big sister is much more interesting?? Most people tell me how the younger sibling is obsessed with the older one and always wants to be with them or doing what they are doing. In our case the roles are slightly reversed – Zoe just adores Ava and I can’t tell you how happy it makes her when Ava gives her a hug or tries to cuddle her or plays with her – it just gives her such a thrill and is so special to see. If Ava hurts herself she’ll run and get one of her special animals to cuddle. I know it may not be the best thing for Ava as she is very good about getting her own way and will probably become a spoilt brat. She has a bit of a naughty dare-devil streak in her (like her dad) while Zoe is a very obedient child (just like her mom). So, while Ava might be more of a handful down the line as a result of getting what she wants (where her sister is concerned – I try not to give in), it does make my life very easy. Zoe doesn’t even mind how much time I spend cuddling Ava (usually because of one of the numerous falls she has a day as a result of her dare devil furniture/window-sill climbing, running too fast falls, scooter-riding, bed/dog climbing, you name it antics).


One Response to “Plans ready for submission”

  1. Marcia Says:

    Your CT builder is definitely the 1% – I’m also feeling anxiety thinking about the mess you’re about to have 🙂

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