That time of the year

Can’t quite believe the speed with which the weeks seem to be flying by. I forget every year just how busy life becomes as the festive season approaches and with the weather being so nice, all I want to do is take everyone down to the beach and have fun. It’s almost Zoe’s concert at school and I need to donate stuff for the raffle, buy her teacher and the helpers a present, send Christmas presents with my folks to the USA when they leave on 11 December, send a whole lot of presents down to Cape Town with Chris tomorrow and finish the rest of the Christmas shopping,etc.,etc. We’ve had dinner parties, birthday parties, baby showers, you name it lately. Chris wants to have some of his nurses and doctors over for supper some time, we’ve got a weekend away in East London, our home group family braai, my mom’s birthday, more kiddies birthday parties and it just carries on.

This weekend has been fabulous though. We had a dinner party on Friday night and the girls slept at my folks so we could go on a long run on Saturday morning. We got back, I fetched the kids while Chris quickly popped into work and then I went on a major shopping spree for MYSELF. Yes, once one has kids (especially girls perhaps) one tends to mostly buy stuff for them. Well, that’s what I’ve found anyway. One also doesn’t have as much time to shop so generally shopping for myself involves grabbing stuff at Woolies while I’m buying food. I don’t know about you but I’ve found that Woolies clothes have gone seriously downhill. I am yet to find anything for myself this season and even the kiddies stuff isn’t great. I’ve landed up buying a lot of stuff for the girls from Edgars (and Naartjie which I must stop with our VERY EXTENSIVE alterations looming, more on that later). I went to Ackermans and couldn’t find anything nice either (for them). I never really go into Truworths but goodness me was I pleasantly surprised, I think their clothes are great and I found tons of stuff that I liked. I spent rather a lot and could have spent a lot more but I’m desperate for a GHD so need to hold myself back a bit, never mind the gold-plated Richard Scott painting which I bought a while back. It should be arriving this week (I hope), so I’ll post a photo.

So, bought Chris some new jeans and a shirt, tried on and bought stuff for myself for over an hour, then did a food shop and just, yes, just as I’d finished at the till in Woolies my phone rings. It’s my mom, one of their friends is desperately ill in hospital and she phoned to ask if there’s anything they needed. The daughter (the kids are at Varsity and in high school) said that she’s cooking but she’s vegetarian and her dad and brothers are starting to complain about a veggie diet. Please could I go back and get a 1kg lasagne and a veggie meal for them asks my mom. Not sure what your Woolies food section looks like on a Saturday lunchtime but this one was chokker block full. If it wasn’t for quite such a good cause I might just have refused. Bear in mind we’d woken up at 5am to go and run 24km (and it was a hilly run with a rather strong wind blowing) and I’d just been shopping for close to 2 hours already – dressing and undressing a good 20 or more times and then stood in the queue at Woolies (twice).

In the afternoon we had a kiddies party which was an absolute ball. Chris bunked but most of the other dads (and moms of course) were there. There were some people there that I hadn’t seen for ages (since school) and it was very festive and the girls had a ball. Ava was like an animal on the jumping castle, not phased by anything or anyone, eating whatever she could lay her hands on. Zoe was obviously more reserved but because it was all her friends from school, she was quite happy playing with everyone and it was really hard to drag them home. We were in bed soon after 9 and if it wasn’t for Chris’s alarm going off at 5am (the fool hadn’t cancelled it from the day before) I could’ve slept more than 10 hours. I couldn’t get back to sleep after 5am. I’m sure the girls would’ve slept till after 8 if I’d let them. Ava was like a dead duck when Chris woke her just after 7, falling asleep after he gave her her milk twice. I eventually managed to wake Zoe at about 7.30am. The reason we wanted to wake them was that it was a beautiful morning and we wanted to go for a walk on the beach before church. Ava was in the back-pack and Zoe walked and we collected shells and the dogs did their usual running,swimming,digging,etc. It is the most perfect day today and I’m really glad we went. This afternoon my parents came for a braai and I “swam” in the jacuzzi with the girls while Chris and my folks watched the Grand Prix.

Hubert, the architect came around on Saturday and went through a whole lot of stuff with Chris (while I was shopping). It turns out he’s planning a proper pitched roof over the patio. This will mean that the ceiling of the patio will be at the same height as the house and we will have the option of closing off the patio with stacking doors on the 2 open sides which is fairly important when you live in PE. I’m getting a bit nervous as to what the costs might be for all of this – a full 2,1 metre boundary wall in front, some raising of other boundary walls, doubling the size of the garage, a new garage door, a new pedestrian gate, a new sliding gate for the parking area, the patio, a pool with solar heating and demolishing the 2 bed flatlet and significantly decreasing the size of the parking area and then re-doing the garden where necessary. This project started out as replacing the pallisade/brick front wall with a solid wall!!!! Now look where we are already and this is only phase 1.

The party girls

Very hard to get them both smiling and looking at the camera, then my camera's battery died just as they started getting it right!!


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