Fun in the sun

Yesterday was a perfect summer’s day here in PE. After dropping Zoe at school, Ava and I took the dogs to the beach. I threw the ball for them with the ball “launcher” thing and Ava splashed in the water or tried to escape climbing up the wooden stairs. It’s quite something to keep an eye on her and have the dogs chasing balls as they don’t always see where the balls have gone (or I throw a bit skew). One needs eyes everywhere as you all know how fast a 17 month old can run and climb up stairs. She’s at that age where she just loves running away from you and I’m sure one or two folk at the beach thought I was a rather negligent mom letting my child climb up the stairs and run along the boardwalk until she realised I wasn’t chasing after her and so she’d come all the back to me (most of the time).

Chris flew down to Cape Town last night as Tygerberg Hospital are having a Smile week. There are 2 non-profit organisations, one being Operation Smile and the other is the Smile Foundation. Both do op’s for children with facial deformities (mostly cleft lip and palate) and I’m not sure who is running this week. Basically, they get a whole lot of patients together as well as all the necessary surgeons and nurses and then do a whole week of operations. Chris wants them to come to the Eastern Cape as although he does the op’s here, the government pays whereas this is a way of getting a lot of op’s done without it costing the government. They asked for him to go down so that he could help operate and also to arrange for them to offer the same thing in PE for the Eastern Cape. Chris thought he was flying earlier, so didn’t have any patients or op’s booked for yesterday afternoon. Being such a stunning day, we went to the beach. It always amazes me just how many people are on the beach on a week day afternoon when the weather is nice. I mean it isn’t as busy as a weekend obviously but still, there were loads of people and they didn’t all look like tourists.

Dad’s are just so naturally fun I think. After we’d had a swim (Chris went for a proper swim, Ava being short was also soaked but Zoe and I just splashed) Chris proceeded to bury the girls in the sand. Well, bury their legs and make cars and boats out of the sand so that it looked like they were rowing/driving the boats/cars. We had such a lovely time and it was so nice that everything worked out so well. Last week I met up with a girl that was at school with me that’s been living in New Zealand and Fiji for the last 10 years. She’s recently returned to PE after splitting up with her husband and it’s got me thinking a lot. Purely by chance I was also reading in a magazine about divorce and the majority of people they’d interviewed said they regretted the divorce and urged others that unless there was abuse in the relationship, one should really work harder at trying to stay together as they’d found the split so much harder (and lonelier) than they’d ever imagined. I just couldn’t imagine life as a single parent. It must be unbelievably hard. Chris is staying with my brother as his folks live in Simons Town and that’s really too far to drive to Tygerberg. Richard lives in Rondebosch and has just got back from 4 weeks away. He was in India at a conference and then went to the USA on a mini fellowship. Chris was due to land at 8.30pm and at 10pm I wanted to go to bed and he still hadn’t phoned. I hadn’t really been waiting for his call but for the briefest of moments I thought maybe something happened to his plane and my brother wanted me to have one last peaceful night before telling me the bad news. I know, pretty darn ridiculous. I phoned and he answered straight away. They’d been talking so much that he’d forgotten to call. Chris’s biggest desire with our renovations is to be able to have an automatic pool cover. My brother and his wife have recently bought a new house (they’ll be moving in January about a week before #2 arrives) and I think they’re considering a pool as Mel has also been looking at pool covers. Chris very excitedly tells me to check out some website which I duly did. I don’t think he looked at the “get a quote” section. For an automatic pool cover for our pool (7m X 3m) it will cost R185 000. That’s a fairly large portion of our budget for the entire first phase of our renovations. Oh, and that’s without delivery and installation which seems to only happen within a 150km radius of either Cape Town or Joburg. I think we’ll be stuck with a good old pool net till Ava is water safe. I actually think Zoe is there as she can swim lengths of the pool at her swimming lessons but I’m not ready to take a chance and Ava has definitely got a long way to go still.


3 Responses to “Fun in the sun”

  1. Nisey Says:

    I MISS THE BEACH! So looking forward to 3 weeks in Durban with my family and Jaden is an absolute beach baby…

    Pool nets are such a schlep but the alternative is INSANE… think of the calories you burn getting the darn thing on and off 😉

    • zamom Says:

      I know, I haven’t told him yet, didn’t want to burst his bubble but I think that’s just a few too many boob jobs!?!
      It’s strange because Zoe didn’t grow up going to the beach often and she’s happy to play now but as a toddler she refused to put her feet on the sand, she’d cling to me like a limpet if I tried to put her down. Ava has been going to the beach since 2 days after she was born and she just LOVES it, she loves the sand, the water, the waves, everything. Last summer she spent her days sitting under an umbrella on the beach, it was great because she could sit but couldn’t crawl yet, so the poor thing would be abandoned on a towel wth a few toys while we played.

  2. Marcia (123 blog) Says:

    I hope the lovely weather lasts – 18 days til I’m on holiday………..

    R185 000 is crazy!

    I read about Smile Week – think it’s a fantastic idea. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

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