Been a while

Well, understandably a lot’s happened. Not even sure where to start. This past weekend we spent in East London and had a fantastic time. I haven’t been to East London for years and was really pleasantly surprised. The weather was lovely and it’s all so green and lush compared to dry PE. Zoe had a lot of fun playing with our friends’ children and they did lots of swimming and kids always seem to find other childrens’ toys much more interesting than their own. It was nice to see their house as photos are never the same as seeing things for real. We also went to visit my cousin that lives on a small farm just outside East London. I grew up seeing lots of him as they lived on a farm outside Graaff Reinet and we went there all the time. He then studied in PE and he also lived in PE for a long time both before and after he got married. The last time we saw them was when I was pregnant with Zoe and their 3rd child had just been born. Sarah is now 4 and their older children are 9 and 10. Their farm is beautiful, up on a hill with the most gorgeous trees and everything is so lovely and green. It had been very dry but they’ve had lots of rain recently so it’s all looking beautiful. Not sure I could ever live on a farm though, it’s about 20-25km’s outside East London but takes about 25 minutes as the road isn’t great. My cousin is a civil engineer and works from home but the 2 older children are at school in East London (and very involved with extra-murals) which makes life a bit more complicated.

We didn’t get very far with our Schengen visas – our friends in East London are the one’s we’re going skiing with – but fortunately my mom’s friend runs the German consulate here in PE so I went to hand in all our stuff yesterday. I’d left the girls with my mom and had planned to do a few other things as well but Chris “forgot” to sign his form so I had to quickly drive to his rooms to get him to sign it and then drive back again so there went my solo shopping trip. Now hopefully we’ll get the visas and I can start to get excited about the skiing and going overseas agin. We got back from the UK at the end of 2003, so it’s been 7 years already. Today is my mom’s birthday and I took her out for breakfast and among many other things we were chatting about their upcoming trip to the USA. They’re flying into New York, spending 3 nights there, then go to my brother in Tucson and fly out of Washington about a month later. My mom’s cousin lives just outside Washington so they’ll spend a few days with her. Chris and I went to the USA in 1999. At the time very good friends of ours lived in New York (they now live in Hawaii so we’re hoping to visit in 2012) and we went to Belize but also did a trip down to Washington. I thought I had a pretty good memory but I honestly couldn’t remember exactly what all we’d done when while we were there. I know Chris went home sooner as he was in his 6th year at University and only got 2 weeks off so I stayed a bit longer and went back to my aunt in Washington. One thing we did do while we were in New York was to go for cocktails at the bar at the top of the Twin Towers (107th floor). We’ve got loads of photos from that evening.

On the 107th floor of the Twin towers in July 1999

So that photo is more than 11 years old, how scary and sad that my folks will have to visit ground zero and not the same bar. That was also the trip that I discovered the existence of powdered egg. While driving down to Washington we stayed in Baltimore at a Ramada Inn (very cheap if I remember correctly). The room had 2 giant king-size beds in it and we told them we’d happily have a smaller room but that was the smallest they had. The price included a set breakfast which we should have rather skipped. Scrambled egg on toast made from powdered egg still ranks as the foulest, most unpalatable breakfast I’ve ever been served. This morning’s breakfast was lovely, we even saw some dolphins swimming past and it was nice to spend some time with my mom without the kids demanding our attention all the time.

Ava has been sick for a week now. She’s such a happy little soul that you kind of forget that she’s sick – she still smiles and sleeps fine but she’s now had a temperature since last Friday and we finally started her on an antibiotic last night and I’m taking her to the paed just now. Poor neglected child. When she woke up her temperature was 38,5 and yesterday morning I gave her Calpol which didn’t seem to help. Chris tried Nurofen this morning. I left just before 8.30 to fetch my mom and drop Zoe at school and warned Joyce that she wasn’t well. When I got back just before 10 she was just cuddling in Joyce’s arms and Joyce said she refused to be put down. She still had a temp of 38,5 so I gave her an Empaped suppository and asked Chris to make the appointment with the paed. She perked up quite quickly and even ate something before going to sleep so not sure if she still needs the doctor but hopefully a week long fever warrants a trip to the paed. Poor little sausage.


3 Responses to “Been a while”

  1. coachmarcia Says:

    It HAS been a while 🙂

    At least you’ve been having fun with friends. I haven’t been to EL since 2000 :-0

    That pic is amazing – you look SO young! And I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but you look so much more beautiful now 🙂

  2. zamom Says:

    I was 23 then, seems like a lifetime but also like it was yesterday, so hard to explain. Do I wish I was 23 again, would I have done things differently? Probably not and I’m very happy now so I guess that’s a good thing but I do wish Chris didn’t have to study for so long to specialise as I wish we could’ve spent more time in the UK and travelled more (and got our British passports)!

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