Tempting fate I reckon

I have to just say that we really struck the jackpot with our girls (so far…). Last weekend we went to East London and Ava was really quite sick and despite being just a little subdued she was her usual happy self. Pottering around new, exciting but different surroundings, slept like a star for her naps and at night while running high fevers and in a strange room. She didn’t want to eat an awful lot but she didn’t cry or moan at all.

Took her to the paed eventually on Friday and he said that her spleen is a bit enlarged, oops, but that we should continue with the antibiotics we started on Thursday night and if her fever isn’t down by Tuesday then we should take her for blood tests on Tuesday. She still had a bit of a fever yesterday but it seems fine today and although she’s not eating as well as she usually does, she’s having bits and pieces.

Yesterday afternoon/evening we had a Christmas party at friends of ours. There were 16 adults and 14 children. Father Christmas even came so it was very exciting. Zoe nearly had a heart attack when Father Christmas arrived. The dads all put their names in a hat as to who was the lucky Father Christmas and the “host” of the party was the winner, much to his absolute delight but he did a great job and he terrified the living daylights out of his youngest child so they were definitely all fooled 100%. Zoe warmed up to him enough to even sing him a song and give him a kiss.

Ava started getting tired at 7pm and as their were no bedrooms left (8 of the children were under 18 months) I put her down on a mattress in a corner of the passage and she didn’t move and went straight to sleep. What a little angel, I could hardly believe it myself. I asked Zoe to go and have a sleep in the afternoon (she hardly ever sleeps in the day anymore) which she duly did, how obedient is that? We ate early, after the rugby and Father Christmas’s visit, so things were winding down and we decided to leave about 9pm as Zoe said she was tired and the older kids were all lying on a mattress in the TV room but much jumping on the mattress was happening and not too much sleeping. I picked Ava up and when we got home I changed her nappy and put her in her sleeping bag and never heard from her again until I woke both girls after 7am this morning. Yes, I’m lucky enough to have to wake THEM up after 7am. I’m an early riser, so always wonder what time they would wake up if we just left them to sleep, will have to give it a try one day.

I know I’m tempting fate but for now I’ll just be unbelievably thankful and grateful for my 2 healthy, gorgeous, easy little girls. May it last for many, many years. At the back of my mind I do worry what might lie ahead in about 10 or 12 years time but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it now.


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