Getting nervous

This Saturday it’s the marathon and I’m starting to get anxious. 42.2km is a long way to run and although I’ve been running really well lately, the last week or so I’ve been feeling a bit  “lomp”. Not quite sure what the English word would be. Maybe it’s because we’ve done so much training and it’s that time of the year I’m not sure. I know that I’ll struggle to pace myself as I get so swept up in the adrenalin of the start and I don’t like running on top of other people, so tend to try and run away from everyone. Not everyone of course but you know what I mean. At most races there are the inevitable walkers and very social runners that for some unexplained reason insist on standing at the front. The fact that it is a marathon hopefully means that we won’t have to put up with them and I’ll hopefully be able to keep myself under control. The other thing that might sound a bit odd is that I’ve got used to running faster (under 5 minutes/km) and that now feels “normal” to me. Because I haven’t done a marathon for so long I want to try and run this one in 3h45min and will try and keep to a 5.15 min/km pace which should mean that I can run it in that time. If this one goes well then there’s another marathon at the end of January which I’ll try and do a little faster. That marathon is only a week after we get back from skiing and with my folks going away for a month and Christmas and all that I’m not sure how many long training runs we’ll be able to fit in. Chris has taken to buying Runner’s World magazines and I keep reading about strength training and how important it is, I don’t do anything but run and although I joined the gym, I haven’t been for about a month as for me it is so much easier to just wake up and run as opposed to driving to the gym, working out and then driving home again. Another thing I must start to do is hill training. I hate hills but the Two Oceans has many and if I want to do Two Oceans I’ll need to do lots of hill training. This evening will hopefully be my last run before Saturday. I say hopefully because Chris has some massive op that he’s doing and if all goes well it will take 7 hours but if anything goes wrong it can take 12 hours so he might be home in time for me to go running and he might not. Then it’s carbo-loading time from Wednesday which I absoultely hate. Sorry about all the moaning, you’d think this was a job I was talking about, not a hobby I choose willingly to participate in!


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