I can’t tell you how much I hate this part of running a marathon. I had my last run on Tuesday and now I have to drink about 2 litres of absolutely awful stuff that Chris bought. It’s a powder that you mix up, but it doesn’t really mix and he says it’s nice but it honestly makes me feel nauseous. It doesn’t take much for me to feel nauseous I will admit but still. I actually just mixed it with hot water and am pretending it’s some or other berry tea (it’s grape flavour and not too sweet) and it’s a bit better than yesterday. Not very good that it’s almost midday and I haven’t drunk any of it yet. I’m not the hugest carbohydrate fan and now I’m supposed to eat lots of potato and pasta as well. It’s going to be a real struggle. Pity bags and bags of Woolies soft eating gums don’t count, I could happily live off those. They have started to tempt me by selling them in large bags for some special price of R21 or R25 but I resisted buying a bag the other day and now I’m sorry. And because we live so far (15 minutes) from a Woolies I’ll have to go without. 15 minutes is far in PE!!

Tuesday was a phenomenally stunning day and then yesterday was mostly beautiful, just a little windy in the afternoon. Zoe was at school in the morning and so Ava and I took the dogs for a walk on the beach. She was in the pram, so after a bit we parked the pram and went down onto the beach. The water was unbelievably clear and the most amazing colour – a real turquoise blue. Ava had an absolute ball splashing in all the rock pools and the dogs were equally impressed. I had to drag them all away kicking and screaming after more than an hour. Partly because so much of Chris’s work is cancer (and often skin cancer-related), I’m extremely anal about sunscreen. I smother the girls every morning and again and again if they’re outside or swimming or whatever. When I was driving to fetch Zoe from school yesterday, there was a mom (not one of the school mom’s) walking her small baby (looked about 3 months) in a pram. The baby had on a short-sleeved babygro but was lying in his pram 100% exposed to the blazing hot midday sun. Now, maybe he was covered in cream but he didn’t have a hat on and I was actually quite shocked as there is only so much that cream can do. When Ava was running around on the beach I made her keep her shirt on eventhough it got sopping wet and I’d covered her entire body with cream, I’m just not prepared to take that chance. When we were in East London, Chris was swimming with the kids and he put on cream but obviously missed a spot and got so badly burnt in that spot that it peeled. He’s got quite a dark skin (for a whitie) and doesn’t burn easily, imagine what the sun can do to childrens’ skin. Zoe doesn’t mind wearing a hat at all and Ava is warming to the idea now that she knows she’s not allowed outside without one on.

Have just finished my first 500ml of “berry tea” for the day. Last night I drank about a litre just before going to bed and couldn’t fall asleep for ages – partly nausea and partly a sugar high I think. This stuff better do it’s job. Saturday’s race starts at 5am, which means we will have to wake up at about 4am to leave by 4.20am. Being a girl there’s always the whole toilet issue. I must go before we start but never seem to be able to go while we’re at home still, then suddenly at the last minute I need to go in one of those revoltingly stinky porta loos and stand in those impossibly long queues. I just know it’s going to happen and I’m already dreading that whole ordeal as well. Moan, moan, moan. Sorry about all this.

Oh and a whole lot of our friends are going to the Wine Festival that’s on at the stadium this weekend. They’re going on Friday night and clearly we can’t go as no amount of carboloading will make up for a whole lot of wine the night before a marathon now will it. Boo hoo. After the marathon Zoe, Ava and I have a party in the afternoon, then it’s our running club’s Christmas party in the evening, Zoe’s concert at church in the morning and our home group braai on Sunday afternoon. Just all the things one chooses to do for the rest of the weekend after waking up at 4am to run a marathon.


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