The advent thief or why I know Ava is destined to be labeled the naughty one!!

2 Christmases ago I bought an Advent train from Woolies. It is wooden and there are 3 coaches and each coach has 4 little boxes either side. When I bought it, Woolies had kindly filled it with chocolates but now I just fill the little boxes with smarties or something. Last year, each box only had 1 smartie as Zoe was almost 3 but Ava was only 6 months old. Zoe never, ever touched the train unless it was time to open a little box to get the sweet out. She has been my “normal” up until recently and I’m quickly, very quickly learning why all my friends kept telling me that Zoe isn’t your average, normal child. She is obedient and follows rules (and likes everyone else to follow the rules as well).

So, getting back to the train saga. This year I put 2 pink smarties into each box and left the train in the lounge at a level the girls can both reach, forgetting of course, that we no longer only have Zoe in the house we also have an Ava. Yesterday, while I was busy on the computer I could hear that Ava was busy doing something but didn’t know what. A little later I went into the lounge and found the train on the floor with it’s loot raided. She ate MOST of the smarties, that’s 48 pink smarties!!! She wasn’t even all covered in the chocolate evidence, in fact there was no sign of her having eaten them except for the fact that Joyce caught her in the act. This from a child that until recently didn’t have a sweet tooth at all. Just goes to show with enough exposure to sweets, chocolates, biscuits,etc.,etc. even the stubbornest of children can be forced to love the sweet things in life!! The lot of a second child I think. Zoe hadn’t even encountered smarties till well over a year. Ava still refuses to drink anything but water and milk but she’s even decided she likes ice cream after refusing it for a long time. I always laugh at people who don’t allow their kids sweets and stuff. Now, I’m not saying I don’t agree with them, I also tried to keep Zoe away from those sorts of things for as long as possible but I’m afraid it’s inevitable and with #2, they want whatever their older sibling is having and one really can’t stop them forever. I am now going to fill one little box at a time every morning (well, Father Christmas’s elf is going to do it). Just hope the elf doesn’t forget as the moment Zoe opens her eyes, her elephant-like memory kicks in and she charges to the train in the lounge, Ava now in hot pursuit.


One Response to “The advent thief or why I know Ava is destined to be labeled the naughty one!!”

  1. darylfaure Says:

    Ha ha Katherine. Your little Ava is going to keep you on your toes.

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