The dreaded word

Ava turned 18 months old on Saturday and so was due for her last set of injections (till she’s 6 I think). So off we went to the sister at our pharmacy. Zoe keeps telling Ava in a very loving excited voice, “Shame Ava you’re going to have an injection. Don’t worry Ava.” Over and over again. Once we get there the sister tells me that there’s lots of chicken pox going around. I told her that Zoe had her chicken pox vaccine at about 7 months old so she tells me that she’ll need a booster as she was under a year. Well, Zoe’s chirpy mood and concern for her sister disappeared instantly which she realised she was also going to need an injection. Oh boy, she was crying before she even got it and the type of injection it is meant it was a very painful one. She is a huge hypochondriac. Shame, I felt so sorry for her. Ava had to have 2 and hardly flinched. Zoe was very proud of her plaster and ate both her and Ava’s Fizz Pop in record time.

Ava now weighs 11,3kg and is 84cm tall. Zoe is 16,4kg and is 108cm tall. Ava used to be much shorter than Zoe but the gap is closing. When Zoe was 17 months she was 84cm tall and weighed 10,6kg, so I think I’ll need to stop calling her the short, fat one and just stick to her being the naughty one!!!

Ava’s vocab is exploding and she’s starting with 2 word sentences as well. She still doesn’t speak as clearly as Zoe always has but can now communicate all her needs – she can say everyone’s names, knows all her body parts, can tell me if she wants more of anything or is finished eating, chats about all the stuff she sees and says “Taa”. She’s gone from about 1 word at a year to more than 50 at 18 months, quite phenomenal. Can’t actually believe I was worried about her speaking just a few months ago. The funny thing is that she also tells me when she’s ready to go to sleep, exactly like Zoe did. How lucky am I to have 2 children that love their beds and sleeping so much? I think I have the taglets to thank for that though. They are both still having to be woken at 7am most mornings despite it getting lighter now, just hope that lasts.

We’ve been having the most brilliant weather this week, nice and warm (mid twenties) and no wind to speak of. Today and yesterday morning Ava and I took the dogs down to the beach. Ava had a wonderful time as the tide was really low and so a lot of rock pools were exposed. Her feet are amazingly tough although that’s hardly surprising as she never wears any shoes. These particular rock pools don’t have very sharp rocks as they are usually underwater so there’s lots of moss and stuff growing all over them. I really should take my camera along but I tend to take as little stuff as possible as trips to the beach with kids are so unpredictable that I’m always scared it lands up in the water. As I was sitting on the edge of a rock pool, Ava was jumping in and out of the water shrieking with delight, the dogs were looking for treasure rocks, there were some surfers and SUP’s (Stand Up Paddlers) and quite a few other people walking, lying on the beach and kiddies playing and I realised again why I’m so glad we’re living in PE. I did also realise that these sorts of trips will be slightly more complicated once Kohl comes to stay on Saturday, for 29 days! I’ll try and think positively about him. I asked my mom what time he’d woken this morning – 4h51AM!!! I suppose I could get up and go for a run, but that just seems like the middle of the night still. Just in case you thought I’d be slacking after the marathon, I won the 5km time trial at the running club again. I will admit that Jane, the really fast girl wasn’t there, but as Chris says I was still 1st. My time was 21.40 so not my best time but I did run a marathon on Saturday. Oh and I bought my new shoes. Turns out the idiot woman that sold them to me was lying, they didn’t change the Pegasus at all, she just sold me the wrong size. Now, obviously I did have some part to play in buying the wrong size but I normally wear a 6 and my old shoes were only a 6 and a half. The guy I went to yesterday (he was recommended by other runners) said that your running shoes should always be at least a size bigger than what you normally wear. Just hoping my toes haven’t suffered permanent damage.


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