Back from nowhere

Well, a lot has happened and I probably won’t remember it all. Bear, our chocolate lab puppy arrived about 2 weeks ago. Poor little guy had to spend ages in his crate thing as the flight was so delayed but he emerged wagging and dirty. He didn’t look much like a labbie at all, although he’s fully pedigreed but he’s so scrawny and isn’t very keen on his food so maybe that’s the problem. We’ve already been through 3 different foods – started on Eukanuba (which is what Olive is on), he refused then tried Hill’s which he also refused and he’s now on Vet’s Choice which he will eat but not with great gusto. He was already almost 3 months when he arrived and his ears seem to be a bit big for his body but I’m sure it’s just a growth phase thing. It’s good that he doesn’t look like Rolo as he can’t replace him. The breeder told me he was house-trained which clearly was a blatant lie. Chris says that maybe the problem is that he’s from Kuruman, so there probably wasn’t any grass. He is better now but mainly because we take him out so much. Just last night the sliding door was open and I saw him sniffing around so I called him to go out and he peed on one of the dog beds!!!! I was so mad. Fortunately it’s some special bed that can just be hosed down, but really, the door was open and he’s more than 3 months old. The first day or so that he was here I had serious regrets. Kohl spent the first night frothing at the mouth, so the floor was wet from his slobber, Bear cried the ENTIRE second night he was with us. We put him int he kitchen with the other 2 dogs but our kitchen is open-plan, so not easy to block off and he kept escaping. We eventually put him in the kitchen/lounge part of the flatelt that’s attached to the house. It’s far from our room and there were 2 shut doors between us and him but I could still hear him barking. The next night we just let him sleep wherever and so now he sleeps in our room and there’s only been 1 accident in the diningroom. We have wooden floors, so it’s not a problem. Quite ironic as neither of our girls have ever slept even a night in our room with us!!!

Zoe absolutely adores him which is great as she liked Rolo and Olive but was more interested in getting a cat. I think she just likes the fact that he’s small and she can carry him around. It’s not easy trying to teach Bear that all the toys in the house and sandpit aren’t his, so I think we have quite a few tears ahead of us still. At the moment Kohl, my parents’ dog is with us so he and bear keep each other enteratained and damage is pretty non-existent. Olive will have nothing to do with Bear so once Kohl goes home I think we’ll be in a bit of trouble. I’ll have to arrange lots of playdates.

Chris’s folks came up for his mom’s birthday (on the 17th) and his (the 20th). Zoe absolutely adores having them here. Me, not as much but I won’t get into all that except to say that am I the only one who thinks it’s abnormal for one’s MIL to repack their fridge and kitchen cupboards??!! I went out on the Saturday afternoon and it was like she’d be waiting for the chance to do it. Chris can’t understand why I get so upset about it. Surely if you don’t see your grandchildren all the time, you’d rather spend the time with them not cooking and sorting out a fridge. Who sorts out someone else’s fridge anyway? My mom’s fridge is usually a disaster zone but mine is actually pretty neat and tidy. I won’t elaborate too much although I was also keen to “lose” the TV remote and blame it on Bear. I’m a cricket fan myself but I don’t think it’s appropriate to spend the whole day watching cricket (or sleeping) when again, you don’t see your grandchildren very often.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time swimming lately and Zoe is swimming so well. I’d say she’s water-safe now as she has a good idea of what her limitations are so I look forward to 2 years time when Ava is hopefully at the same stage. We had a quiet Christmas but we were all spoilt rotten by Father Christmas. Zoe had been asking for a Barbie car and I got her a racing driver Barbie to go with it as she only had one other Barbie and it’s nice when her friends are here for there to be more than one. I’d bought quite a few other bits and pieces and then at the last minute Chris decided that she needed a decent bike as well. She’d got a bike for her birthday but it was just a cheap one from the hypermarket and she does a lot of cycling and is so tall that she’s basically outgrown it already. This is a proper one with a back-pedal brake, proper tyres, etc. and she absolutely loves it and it’s amazing how much better she’s riding. She can go so much further and faster than she could on her other bike. Ava got a boogie board and a blow-up ride-on Bambie thing for the pool as well as a doll which I think is gorgeous but she has just ignored completely. She got a pram for her birthday (which she doesn’t take a great deal of notice of either) and my mom bought her a cheap doll to go in it. My old First Love doll lives at my mom’s house and it is the only doll that Ava takes any interest in. Zoe LOVES dolls and spends hours dressing them in different outfits that my mom has knitted and sewn. I saw a doll at Woolies that had hair and looked similar to Alison (my doll) and thought maybe that would be the answer. Well, it wasn’t, Ava is just not a doll girl obviously. She spends many an hour riding around on her black motorbike which used to be Zoe’s, so I could have saved Chris a lot of money by just wrapping that up for her to open.

Chris took me by complete surprise as he bought me a new iPhone4. The only catch was that my Sim card had to be exchanged and all the vodashops were closed till Tuesday, so I had this very exciting present that I couldn’t use. It then took me a while to get it sorted and I’m still finding my way with it, but so far I’m totally hooked. Chris has a Blackberry and I can’t believe how much more user-friendly the iPhone seems to be so far and that’s after not even a day of using it so I’m sure it’ll just get better and better.

As I said I won’t really remember all that’s been going on but we’ve done lots of catching up with friends that are here on holiday, enjoying the gorgeous days when they arrive and trying to relax a bit despite being woken at about 5am by Bear and Kohl. In terms of running, I’m a seriuosly frustrated bunny at the moment as I’m actually sick. Nothing serious, just a cold but I went for 1 run about 3 days ago and didn’t feel great the next day so obviously shouldn’t have. The frustration of not being able to run is driving me nuts but hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow and will give it a go.

Ava is talking so much these days and it’s just so adorable. They got some of those fizzy bath balls for Christmas and yesterday as they were getting into the bath she points to the box and starts saying, “I choose, I choose” before Zoe even had a chance to say anything. “I want, I want” is another favourite and she also loves pointing at stuff saying, “What is this, what is this?”

Chris is busy building a veggie garden with the girls so I better go and help. I’ll put up some photos soon. Chris got a Nikon D3100, if that means anything to anyone and we’ve taken a few photos that I’ll post. There is obviously loads to learn but I’m quite astonished at the difference between a good compact camera and an SLR one, makes me wish we’d bought one ages ago.


2 Responses to “Back from nowhere”

  1. Marcia (123 blog) Says:

    oooh, tell me about the camera – what are the differences? why would you have gotten one years ago? Can you tell I’ve been thinking about it?

    How heavy is it to cart around?

    BTW< it is VERY weird for ANYONE to repack your fridge, let alone your MIL (she should know there's boundaries).

    P.S. does Chris read this blog? 🙂

  2. darylfaure Says:

    So glad you had a wonderful Christmas and your family is getting used to the new arrival. I’m sure in a few weeks you will not remember all the initial teething pains.

    Glad to hear Ava is now talking up a storm. Dylan still not, although he has added the word baba to his repertoire and understands so much. Anyway, we pray every night that Jesus will help him start talking. He continues to be such a sweet child though.

    Are you coming to Cape Town soon?

    Love and hugs to the girls.

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