Competitive streak

Chris isn’t competitive by nature at all. He’s ambitious for himself but is never concerned by what anyone else is doing or achieving, a wonderful quality I think. A lot of our male friends were quite astounded that it didn’t (I think) bother him that I beat him in the marathon. He was disappointed in his last 10km’s for himself, not because it meant that I beat him. Not that 3h55 is a bad marathon time at all. Anyway, we need to come up with a plan whereby he gets to train as much as I do and I think we’re there, now we’ll just have to see whether it works once he’s back at work properly, we’re back from our SKIING trip (yes, our SKIING trip) and my folks (the all important baby-sitters) are back from there month long trip to the USA.

Straight after the marathon, Chris got a cold/flu whatever and didn’t run for 2 weeks. I ran but not that much as I tweeked my groin winning the darn club time trial 3 days after the marathon. As you can tell, I am competitve by nature. This last week I have been sick and the not-being-able-to-run has nearly killed me. I actually did go for a run when I thought I was getting better and then felt worse the next day, very naughty and against Chris’s advice of course. This week Chris went and did a trail run with a friend in the Baakens Valley. It’s a beautiful run and while I’m not the keenest of trail runners I was VERY jealous. Then yesterday he did one of our usual routes in 48 minutes. I went for the same run this morning and managed it in 49 minutes although I obviously wasn’t pushing myself as it’s my first run since being sick. This afternoon he went and did the SAME route (we have quite a few different ones let me tell you) in 43 minutes!!! 6 minutes faster than me. I’m a bit gutted, not because I want to beat him but because he’s obviously feeling so good and I’m still all sluggish from being sick, tweeking my groin and not having run for a bit. I also need to tell you what was happening at home while he was out running. He left just as a thunderstorm was brewing and I’d put Ava down for her nap. Olive is terrified of thunder so as soon as the storm started she started whining and panting and following me around. Zoe was resting on her bed but also eating a piece of biltong. Her bed is quite low. There was an almighty thunderclap which woke Ava or maybe she wasn’t asleep yet but she started screaming so I went into her room but Olive was desperately trying to stick close to me and so started whining and performing outside her room. Zoe meanwhile was screaming as Bear and Kohl were trying to climb onto her bed and eat her piece of biltong (yes, both need serious training). The almighty thunderstorm continued, I quickly left Ava to tell Zoe to pack her biltong away and Ava did go off to sleep despite the noise and when Chris got back all was calm and peaceful.

Not your average New Year’s Eve post sorry.  I am sooo looking forward to next year. First up is our SKI TRIP. I am finally starting to get very excited and it’s starting to feel real. My younger brother’s wife is having a second little girl while we’re on our ski trip and my older brother and family are coming to visit from the USA in March. April is the Two Oceans which scares me but we’re also going to spend over 2 weeks in Cape Town which will be great. The last time we just went for a week and because Chris’s folks are out in Simons Town it’s tough to see all our friends and do fun touristy stuff and have a holiday. The fact that we’re there for longer will mean we can space everything out and it also helps that Ava is a year older. We’ll also spend some nights staying with various friends which will make for easier socialising. Chris’s mom is busy organising a family holiday to Sabi River bungalows for August (bit on the far side for us). I looked into flights but that will set us back R13000!!! so I guess we’ll have to drive there. EEK. The girls are good travellers but my idea of a family vacation is definitely NOT spending it at a golf resort in winter. There’s lots of exciting stuff lying ahead with Chris’s work and Ava will start play school in the 3rd term for 2 mornings a week which might mean that I’ll be able to do a bit of physio work at the local school for disabled children. Our renovations are also going to be done and while I don’t look forward to the actual process I do look forward to the end result. Life is good. 2010 has been a very happy, special year for us and although our year ended on a ghastly note with the death of Rolo, I am very excited about what lies ahead in 2011. I do hope you will all have a fantastic 2011.


Bear and Kohl


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