Think I’ve met my match

Ava is a gorgeous child with bucket loads of personality. She charms the pants off anyone that she meets and has us all wrapped around her little finger (me in particular). She’s also got a temper and a determination that is making us a bit nervous. I’ve said many times that Zoe is a very easy child. She’s no angel but she’s obedient and likes to follow rules. She does not stop talking, singing and in particular asking questions every waking moment. In that way she is hard work but you can reason with her and as I said before she is very obedient and is 100% trustworthy. I can take her anywhere and she will behave. I nearly forgot that she does have a tendancy to whine and is a hypochondriac of note. The smallest little bump and the first question she asks, “Is it bleeding??” But getting back to her wonderful attributes. Today she had to push Ava in her buggy while I pushed the trolley around Woolies food section, through the shopping centre and to the car in the parking lot (across a road). Now that might alarm some of you because she’s only 3 (almost 4) but if you knew Zoe, you’d know that that’s not a big deal at all. It was also a week after Christmas and not the week before!

Ava is another story. She likes to be carried around, by ME and if I refuse and offer my hand, which I’m trying really hard to do, she will sit down and scream. I’ll walk away and she’ll EVENTUALLY forget about why she’s crying, come and find me and before long she’s asking to be picked up again. Her vocab is exploding and although she is perfectly capable of saying “please” and “Taa”, she much prefers to say “I want” and if you don’t respond she’ll just start shouting it louder and louder. “Mama come” is also chanted at the top of her voice when she wants me. “I turn” or “Ava turn” along with “No”, “Out”, “Off” are big favourites and the poor dogs get told to go “Outside” and “Mind”, etc. The thing is that this all seems to occur at a very loud level. I still vaguely remember asking a friend whether children always speak so much and so loudly when Zoe started speaking. She did say that they quietened down eventually but that they didn’t ever stop. Zoe is still louder than I’d like (except when she meets new people) but she is possibly a bit quieter some of the time than she was. I say that because I don’t constantly think that she’s loud but perhaps it’s only because I’ve grown accustomed to it. I like quiet. I like to run without talking (if I’m not running alone) and I don’t like music playing in the house all day or the TV on or stuff like that. I find the constant noisiness of children quite draining at times. Although on the very rare occasion that we’re driving and both girls are quiet for a minute or two, it suddenly feels all wrong and I’ll strike up a conversation. Us moms are never satisfied. Anyway, back to darling little Ava.

Ava also has a violent streak – she likes to hit. Fortunately 99% of the time she hits me. She always does it playfully and probably because she knows she always gets a reaction but it obviously makes me cross and is unacceptable. We’ve started doing time-out with her. She is told in a loud but calm voice (at her level) that she must not smack and is then put on the step in the bathroom and the door is closed. After 1 minute we go in, ask for an apology, give her a big hug and life carries on. Amazingly she sits quietly on the step, not moving. Has it had any effect in the week since we’ve started doing it? None whatsoever that I can see but we’ll persevere. When Zoe gets put in time-out she puts up such a fuss that one always knows she’s there. Ava sits there as quiet as a mouse. The other evening I was cooking supper and Chris put her in time-out. Zoe was doing some or other craft thing (she is constantly making something but it keeps her busy so I put up with having to buy a continuous supply of sticky tape, paper, pritt, prestick, glitter, etc.). Anyway, things seemed quite peaceful and easy until Chris remembered the little princess in time-out 15-20 minutes after he’d put her there. She was still sitting as quiet as a mouse on the step!!! How precious is that. Chris felt so bad. Like I said she has character by the bucket loads but that one is still going to give me many a sleepless night.

Just something so cute. Not sure who of you know The Cat in the Hat. Well Zoe has it and she didn’t really like it at first but I love it and she’s starting to love it as well now. At swimming once I was chatting to one of the other moms (I don’t watch Zoe swim until the last 5 minutes of her lesson so us moms get some time to chat uninterrupted) and this mom was saying how she once saw a little boy wearing a T shirt that said “Thing 3.” Oh man I think that’s so funny.


One Response to “Think I’ve met my match”

  1. Marcia Says:

    oh, now I’m very sad I didn’t meet these two little girls. So different, so special both of them.

    Definitely next time, or when are you coming to Jhb?

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