Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of things to come

Chris reversed my car into a friend’s car in our driveway yesterday. Yay. He isn’t actually supposed to be working much at the moment. For any of you not married to a doctor they somehow aren’t able to ever only work a little bit. You either turn off your phone and go far, far away as the entire PE medical community seem to have done or you get sucked into working. I mean they can’t really say no now can they? You can’t turn away babies born with strange cysts, kids falling and cutting their faces, burn wounds, cancer, etc.,etc. It’s not that I don’t feel sorry for these people but schucks enough is enough. The 2 of us are going away in 8 DAYS TIME but the girls are staying here, so I was hoping we’d get to spend quite a bit of time doing fun family stuff. Every morning he goes off telling me he’ll be back at 1pm and then eventually pitches up after 3pm. He isn’t actually officially on holiday, so getting home at 3pm is not bad going for a normal working day but it’s the summer holidays after all and we live in PE, no one should be working. Well, they are and they’re spilling chemicals on themselves, silly billies, making more work for others.

Let’s get back to the fender bender. So, he gets back yesterday afternoon and a friend is visiting. I ask him to please take the dogs ball throwing at the field near my parents and pick up the ironing from my mom (my mom’s helper is coming in twice a week while they’re away and has nothing to do except our ironing). I read the other day that helper was the politically correct term, what’s wrong with domestic worker? Zoe calls them nannies, I hope that’s alright.

Anyway, so he’s not very keen to take them and he said that he actually thought to himself, imagine if something bad happens. He’d taken the dogs ball throwing when Rolo was killed, although that time he had been keen to take them. How ironic, think the dogs’ ball throwing days may be numbered. So he loads them into my boot, as clearly they can’t fit into his Mini and he reverses out of the garage. Nina hadn’t parked directly behind his side of the garage and he just didn’t look and the next moment CRUNCH. She has a brand new VW polo. The damage is really not bad at all to her car but my bumper is rather munched. The funny thing is that her husband did exactly the same thing to one of their friend’s cars not so long ago and all he said when she told him about it was, “You see I told you it can happen easily.”

Now, for the mission that is insurance companies. They were already giving me grief on the phone. We’ve had the same insurance company for 7 years and have never made a claim. If they give me too much trouble I’ll be looking for a new broker, just like we got rid of our previous medical aid. We decided to go with Profmed, let’s hope it was the right decision. I am seriously not in the mood to sort this out right now just when I was starting to get unbelievably excited for our SKI TRIP!!! Snow was never going to be an issue after the winter they’ve been having in Europe but it’s always nice to ski in powder and there is lots of snow forecast for Ischgl next week. Ischgl’s last snow was on Christmas day so that’s really great. It’s finally starting to hit me, we are going skiing!!

Zoe needed some new shoes and she’s very particular about which shoes she’ll wear. We went into Cape Union Mart to get her some crocs and we found her some gorgeous sandal crocs (light and dark pink so she’s over the moon). She usually only wears shoes if she absolutely has to like when there’s going to be thorns, she’s riding her bike or it’s winter. She almost never wears shoes to school (in summer) or when we go to the shops or whenever she doesn’t absolutely has to. Ava is even worse than Zoe, not sure how this happened, although I’m barefoot a lot of the time at home and have never been massively into shoes so it’s possibly my fault. Good news is that she’s been wearing her new crocs constantly since she got them, a very promising sign. Right next to the croc stand happened to be all the ski jackets and wouldn’t you know, the most gorgeous grey/pink ski jacket was on special. R500 off. I resisted, eventhough there was only 1 left and it was in my size. You see I have a ski jacket. A perfectly good ski jacket but it’s navy blue and just nothing special. I bought it in the UK when I first got there and was still very stingy. That means that it’s actually 12 years old now. I used it loads when I/we lived in the UK and then the outer jacket I used as a rain jacket when we lived in Cape Town. Remember our dogs are walked EVERY single day of their lives and Cape Town winters aren’t the greatest. I thought that I’d bought it when we last went skiing in 2003 but then Chris reminded me that I’d got it before then. I didn’t need any more convincing. Today the girls and I went back to Cape Union Mart and thankfully the jacket was still there. We’ll have to go on many more ski trips or holidays to cold places to justify buying a second ski jacket (Joyce will be inheriting a very nice navy ski jacket). It does have a fully detachable fleece top inside which is light pink and I know I’ll use loads and I can then use the outer jacket as a rain jacket because you all know how much it rains in PE. This evening we tried on our ski stuff. I borrowed my SIL’s stuff and also discovered her very nice light blue ski jacket in the packet. EEK, forgot about that. I did casually ask Chris whether I should take the new one back and of course he said no, as I knew he would. He’s a real gem, despite his current track record. My ski pants are absolutely awful. They come up to way passed my waist and that just doesn’t feel right. Mel has a really nice black pair so now I have her divine black mitten gloves (mitten gloves are a must, I had normal gloves before and they’re just not warm enough), her black ski pants, my black beanie (with red horns!!) and then my new jacket. Will look out for a nice beanie/hat in Austria I think. We’ve got the long ski socks and goggles so we’re sorted I think. Just better not break any bones. Not keen to put the new medical aid to the test just yet.

Chris has now forgotten Ava in time-out and reversed into a stationary vehicle, he’s either pregnant or seriously in need of a holiday.


4 Responses to “Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of things to come”

  1. Marcia (123 blog) Says:

    New header! Your dogs are beautiful!

    Poor Chris – he probably feels a little silly…

    Is it the insurance company I work for? Don’t mention the name here though… if yes, I could chase up on tues when i’m back at work.

    BTW if you have a broker, it is their job to sort this stuff out for you – that’s what your 15% comm is for, esp if you haven’t claimed for the last 7 years – easy commission that!

  2. zamom Says:

    No, I’m still with the brokers which is why I’m so mad at them. We use the brokers that Chris’s folks use and they’re based in Pretoria Se.cu.ritas. Thanks for reminding me about the 15%.

  3. zamom Says:

    Oh, the black dog isn’t ours that is Kohl, my parents dog that is STILL with us. They get back on Sunday night. Zoe keeps telling him how many more sleeps he’s got till his mom and dad get home! Bear is going to miss him tremendously but at least it’s only 4 sleeps later before we leave and they’re all together agian.

  4. samcy Says:

    Oh my gosh! What a nightmare! Hope that’s the last of that 😉

    Enjoy the trip honey – you deserve some ski time!


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