Chris is unofficially on holiday until 24 Jan. Yippeee, at last. Nevermind that my mom (and dad) get back on Sunday and Joyce gets back on Monday. I say unofficially because he forgot to hand in his leave form??? (He forgets most things I tell him but I think he remembers all the important work stuff). He did hand in his leave form for the week of our ski trip but he then decided to take off next week as well and that’s the leave form he hasn’t handed in. The thing is that no one really knows what he’s up to anyway. He is part of a department (Burns and Plastics) which is based at one hospital (Dora Nginza) but he works at another (PE Provincial). He is the only full-time Plastics consultant and has Registrars/Medical officers working for him and 2 retired plastic surgeons helping out part-time. His HOD is also on leave next week and she never really knows where he is as he has to go to all 3 of the PE state hospitals, so he’s decided just to leave his junior doctors and ancient (but very keen and on-the-ball) part-timers in charge for 2 weeks and sort out the leave issue when he gets back. Don’t forget he does work for the Eastern Cape Department of Health so I don’t think he’ll be missed and if he is, he could always just leave and they’d definitely miss him more than he’d miss them. They still owe him a promotion but the latest is that the CEO was in a car crash, so it’s been delayed. The one problem with getting the promotion is that although it would mean a lot more money, he would have to do a bit more work and at the moment he’s so busy with private work (as well as the government stuff) that his working hours would have to increase, which I suppose is inevitable but we’d miss him lots. He does have to see a few of his private patients on Tuesday but other than that he tells me he is on leave. I can’t even remember when last he had leave, think it was in July when we went to Buffelsbaai. It’s so difficult for a surgeon to take leave. Things need to be planned so far in advance because they can’t do any big ops right before they go away so that they can keep an eye on the patient and just in case anything goes wrong. They do ask each other to look after their patients if they’re away but it’s not ideal so he prefers not to do too many operations in the week or so leading up to a holiday. He’s written down all the leave he wants to take next year so that nothing gets booked at the wrong time. 2 weeks is obviously in April/May when all the public holidays are, along with the rest of South Africa I’m sure.

One horribly ironic twist of fate is that our anniversary is 21 March. Mostly planned on that day so that we’d always have a holiday on our anniversary and sometimes even a long weekend to go away. Well, guess what? The annual aesthetic (cosmetic) plastic surgery society congress is always over that date/weekend. Last year we went along and it was horrible. It’s always in Cape Town but let me tell you that looking after your own 2 children, by yourself on your anniversary is not fun. I refuse to do that again. I’ve tried to hint that maybe he doesn’t have to go EVERY year but so far no luck, he just quietly pays the registration fee for the next year. For our 10 year anniversary I would like to go to the Maldives (our honeymoon was terrible so he still owes me a decent one) so he’ll have to miss that year unless March is monsoon season in the Maldives.


2 Responses to “Holiday!!!”

  1. Marcia (123 blog) Says:

    Enjoy your time off with Chris. And I so agree, that is not an anniversary celebration – why don’t you schedule your actual celebration before or after the conference so you can still have quality time together in a beautiful setting?

  2. zamom Says:

    That’s what we usually do but the whole point of us getting married on the day we did was so that we’d often have a long weekend (as is the case this year) to go away. It just irritates me that I get to spend our anniversary on my own with the kids every year (not that I don’t love being with them) but you know what I mean.

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