I mostly started this blog to use as a diary to record the details of our lives so that maybe sometime down the line (when I can’t remember the details anymore) it will help to jog my memory. That time is probably not very far off at all. Take our ski trip for example. We last skied in France in 2003. A while ago but not really that long ago. Well, there are an awful lot of details about that trip that I don’t remember at all. There’s a lot of stuff that I do remember but while we were skiing now Chris kept talking about the various runs (slopes) in France and I had no kicking clue what he was talking about. We’re very different when it comes to our memories. I remember people and numbers and day-to-day stuff like birthdays and all the things I must do. He doesn’t remember people or numbers or birthdays or the things I tell him to do. But, he remembers details about stuff that happened years ago that I’ve long since forgotten. I skim read mostly while he reads every single word. I’ll remember the basic idea of a book while he’ll be able to recall the same book in minute detail. The stuff he knows (and remembers) about anything related to his work often astounds me, and that’s obviously a good thing. It’s the “wasted” brain cells used to remember all the unnecessary stuff in minute detail that irritates me when he forgets something that I regard as important. Not sure how on earth I got here.

So what’s funny. Our golden retriever, Olive, is only 6 years old but she’s behaving like a 16 year old. Not when she’s on the beach or chasing a ball but when it comes to Bear. She will have nothing to do with him and refuses to play with him. It’s very sad as we obviously got him partly for her benefit. Perhaps she’s still mourning Rolo and she’ll get better but he’s been with us about 6/7 weeks now and things haven’t changed. Last week the dogs went with the girls to stay with my folks and so Bear and Kohl got to play all day everyday again. Last evening Bear was busy trying to entertain himself by throwing one of his toys up in the air (I kid you not) and chasing it around the house. He was missing his playmate. We have wooden floors and he was playing with a hoof. He was making a helluva racket as the hoof makes rather a lot of noise when it lands on the wooden floor. Zoe and Ava generally sleep through anything – doorbells, phones ringing, dogs’ barking, dinner parties, loud music, fireworks, thunderstorms, each other’s crying (even when they are sharing a room), a borehole being drilled RIGHT outside their window (Ava), replacing windows which involved angle-grinding and lots of banging and hammering (Zoe), anyway you get the picture they are both champion sleepers. So, while playing with his hoof Bear somehow managed to get himself tangled up in a telephone wire. Chris and I were busy in the study at the time and didn’t see exactly what happened. All we heard was what can only be described as howling. Just as Chris got to him, he’d managed to break-free and although a little shaken he was fine. The thing is that he ran in the direction of Ava’s room and his unbelievably loud high-pitched howls managed to wake her up. She did thankfully go back to sleep straight away. I know it wasn’t a very funny experience for Bear but it was pretty amusing for us, only wish we could have seen it actually happening.

Ava comes along whenever I drop Zoe at school and she always plays for a little bit before we leave. Yesterday morning after dropping Zoe at 9am (!) that’s the time school actually starts but we live less than 5 minutes from school and I usually just, just make it. Next year Zoe HAS to be at school by 7.45am at the absolute latest and it will be about a 15-20 minute drive!!!! I still have absolutely no idea how we’re going to manage that. She only wakes up at 7am. Clearly that will have to change. In the meantime I’ll enjoy my last year (for possibly the next 16) of 9am starts.

Anyway, getting back to the point. Good friends of ours have a little boy 2 days younger than Ava with a sister in Zoe’s class. He has started in the younger class 2 mornings a week. I’m only plannning to send Ava in the 3rd term but if she’s keen before then maybe I’ll give it a try. As we were walking back to the car yesterday morning I asked Ava where Zoe was and she told me she’d gone. I then said that she’d gone to school and asked Ava whether she’d also like to go to school. She immediatly replied in a loud voice, “No.” The little boy (that’s 2 days younger than Ava) started screaming everytime his mom tried to leave (with him) when she was dropping off her daughter last year which is partly why he’s started this year. So far I don’t seem to have the same problem.


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