All systems go

Our building started this week. They are very much in the demolition phase at the moment. They have bashed down all the columns and removed the roof from the old patio and the braai is busy being attacked as I write this. It is incredible how much lighter the kitchen and dinigroom are. It does make one seriously wonder why on earth the previous people closed everything up so much. We will be putting a roof over the patio but it will be a proper roof (not just fitting under the slope of the existing house’s roof). Because the house is quite old the ceilings are really high and the new patio’s ceiling will be as high as those inside with stacking doors on 2 entire sides and only a thinnish pillar/column either side. There will also no longer be a roof over the part of the patio that is in front of the kitchen as that will be where the decking starts. So, all this light that we now have should pretty much stay. Next week they demolish the 2 bedroom flat. No one can quite believe we are doing that, bashing down a flat that the previous owners rented out for R4000 a month. The thing is that we don’t need it as we still have a guest room with lounge/kitchen that’s attached to the house. It does mean that we lose our domestic quarters as such but Joyce only sleeps at our house once a week so that we can go running early. We leave at about 5.30am and all that I do is to put the monitor outside the guest room (it’s quite far from all of our bedrooms). Zoe never wakes up before 7am but she knows that Joyce is here and she then gets the kids up at 7am if we’re not back already. It means that Joyce doesn’t actually have to wake up at 5.30am when we leave which would be the case if she was sleeping outside in the other flat. Because it has a little “kitchen” and lounge she is quite apart from us and can relax nicely in the evenings. I need to probably get a TV but she’s actually quite happy just with a radio for that night. The plan is also for us to go out on a Wednesday evening for supper and then she’ll sit and watch our TV while she’s babysitting.

Chris is taking daily photos of the progress so I’ll put some up over the weekend or on facebook.

Ava is talking so much now it’s quite astounding. She has at last started saying, “Zoe” properly and not whatever strange version of Zoe she was saying before. Zoe is over the moon. Yesterday while I was at the shops a black lady walked past us and she shouted out, “Molo!” to her. The lady (and I) were so impressed. Zoe asks more questions than any child I have ever met. I know (and vaguely remember) my younger brother talked and asked questions constantly. Oddly enough his daughter doesn’t ask questions all the time like Zoe but does chatter away constantly according to my mom who spent all of last week with her after a week with my 2. I kind of thought that one wouldn’t be blessed with two questioners. I know I should be grateful for their curiosity but it can wear one down. This morning the girls were having breakfast and Ava wouldn’t eat her cereal. She tells me, “I want egg.” I told her she couldn’t have an egg and what does she say, “Why???”I couldn’t quite believe it.

I have a bible study course on a Friday morning and my mom looked after Ava while I was there. She brought her home a little while ago and what does she say, “I can’t believe that Ava has started with why already!!” Lucky me. Hopefully Zoe will be able to start answering all of Ava’s questions.

Remember Chris’s little driveway fender-bender? Well, the parts they needed arrived and on Monday morning we went to go and drop the car off with Chris of the opinion (because he never bothered to ask) that the it would be finished at the end of the day. Bear in mind that this accident was the result of 1 car reversing SLOWLY out of the garage into a parked car. The mere fact that over R10 000  worth of damage (both cars) could result astounds me. Ours is about R10 000  and the Polo was just over R1000. The fact that you have the parts ordered and then still take 5 days to fix a problem that to me was hardly visible in the first place defies belief. I sincerely hope we won’t have only 1 car for the weekend. Chris is on-call for all the private hospitals, we have 2 kiddies parties, I’m doing a race on Saturday morning and Bear has puppy school while one of the parties is on. I am also sick and tired of driving kids around in a car with only 2 doors. A Mini Cooper S is lots of fun to drive and Zoe isn’t so bad because she’s in a booster seat and can fasten and unfasten her own seatbelt but it’s not as easy with Ava as she’s not always so keen to climb out. Zoe is at school in the mornings and so I generally do all the errands in the morning (with Ava) so she’s the one I land up getting in and out of the car the most. Another interesting fact about Chris’s “family” car as he so inappropriately calls it, is that it can actually fit in the ENTIRE family. Mom and dad in front, the girls in their car seats in the back AND the dogs in the boot (with the shelf out). That’s a Golden retriever and a 5 month old labrador!! Not bad for a Mini but not how I would choose to drive around on a regular basis. Why are we driving the whole family around? We had to go and quickly drop Chris at work the other morning, drop Zoe at school and I prefer to have the dogs at my parents house while they’re demolishing as they’re dumping the rubble on the verge outside and keep opening and closing the gate to get in and out and I know Olive won’t go out but I’m terrified Bear might and I feel bad to keep them cooped up inside all day.


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