Today was hot. We’ve actually had a reasonably mild summer so far this year. Most days the temperature has been in the mid-twenties but the last week or so has changed all that. One almost forgets how hot it can get and today was only low thirties. It can get up to 39 or so in PE although I sincerely hope that won’t happen anytime soon (February and march are our hot and steamy months). Murpphy’s Law that we’ve just gotten rid of the jacuzzi (to make room for the pool) but the patio must be pretty much done before the pool guy can start so it’ll be a good few weeks still I think. Friends are busy having a pool built by the same guy that we’re using. Their pool is pretty much the same size as ours and he only started on Wednesday and already the hole is dug, lined with plastic and mesh and awaiting the concrete on Monday. She did say that they only had sand, no rocks and I saw with my own eyes what amount of rock and clay came up when they were drilling our borehole so I think ours might take a little longer.

Today was a busy day, not easy in the heat, humidity and no wind to speak of. At one stage in the early afternoon it actually rained but it was so brief that by the time you heard what you thought was rain and looked outside, it had stopped and the sun was shining again. We did have some rain again later but it was the usual few drops that we always seem to get. My alarm went off at 4.50am YAY, I got up quietly (as quietly as one can with a 4 month old labrador puppy prancing around) and drove to the other side of town to do a 15km race which I thought started at 6am. It actually only started at 6.30am ( I suppose rather be half an hour early than half an hour late). With the heat we had today it would’ve been far better to start at 6am. I actually felt okay running. My legs have felt tired and stiff this week after last Saturday’s marathon and although I went through some tired patches during the race I finished fairly strongly in a time of 72 minutes, not my best but not too shabby either. We then had a fancy dress party at a venue which does have lots of trees but it was still meltingly hot. Zoe went as Snow White and Ava wore her Bee outfit. I must really take a photo of them in some of their fancy dress costumes. A mom at Zoe’s school studied fashion design and doesn’t work but makes fancy dress outfits to order. She does an amazing job with such attention to detail.

After Ava’s sleep we were off to the next party. This one was around the corner and Chris came along thank goodness as with the heat everyone landed up swimming. Both were lovely parties but I must admit that it’s so much easier when Chris comes along. It’s also easier when it’s at someone’s house when one has 2 kids because at least I don’t have to watch them all the time. Well, okay, we did have to watch them because of the pool but it just felt easier, probably because they are really good friends of ours and we have a playdate at least once or twice a week so the girls know their house VERY well and feel at home there. We will be spending even more time there over the next couple of weeks while our building is happening.

Chris and the girls even manged to fit in a cycle trip to the beach while I was out doing my race.

Complete curveball in the car saga. I still would like a Discovery but they are expensive and I have a hard time getting my head around spending that much money on something that is just going to lose it’s value. That painting we bought a few months ago has already increased in value by 25%. I absolutely adore the painting and everyone who sees it for the frst time comments on how much they love it. Why buy a car that’s only going to lose value? It’s not like I spend an awful lot of time driving around, we live in PE the 15 minute city. So Friday Chris comes home and starts talking about the new Mini Countryman which is basically a bigger version of the Mini but I can’t quite imagine it. Today as we’re driving to the party he suddenly spots one parked in a driveway. We stop and I get out to look at it. The owner comes out and it turns out he’s a radiologist at St Georges and he and Chris have met (yes, that’s PE for you, quite scary for Gautengers I’m sure but I just love it). It’s his wife’s car and they just love it. She had a Cooper S like Chris’s which they traded in and recently went to Cape Town with their 2 children (and all their luggage). I reckon even a Golden retriever and a fully-grown labrador could fit in the boot!! After a week of driving Chris’s car a more functional Mini really makes sense so Chris is going to organise a test drive. What we’re thinking is to maybe swop his Mini for a countryman and I keep my Scenic for a little bit longer. I do love my Scenic and it drives like a dream and has never given any problems so it’s not like I have to get a new car anytime soon. Definitely not a good time to be buying new cars when you’re in the midst of renovating though but maybe in a few months time. Having said that, trying to get Chris to spend money on a depreciating asset is near to impossible so I won’t hold my breath. Maybe our accountant can convince him to spend some money so that we he doesn’t have to pay a complete fortune to SARS.


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