Been a bit slack sorry

Just don’t seem to find the time to blog anymore sorry. What’s not news though.

I had a birthday and was very spoilt by my hubby. I got some perfume which we’d bought at duty-free in Munich and then he also surprised me with an amazing watch. It’s got a GPS so you can see exactly how far and how fast you are running all the time and can then upload it onto a website and review your run and see all the elevations and whatever afterwards. It comes with a heart rate monitor but I still need to get that as he thought it was in the box (and was told it was by the sales people) but it wasn’t.

We went for a 30km training run on Saturday and I absolutely loved having the watch. How’s that for dedication – waking up at 4.15am after going out for dinner for your birthday and your kids are sleeping at their grandparents. Mental is what it is. The run was such a great experience that I’m very glad we did make the effort. I’m sure most cities have such events but I’ve never done one before. Most weekends there is some or other running race on but they range in distance from 10km all the way up to marathons. For the crazy people out there all training for Two Oceans, Comrades and in PE especially, the Iron Man one needs to get lots of training done. If one goes for a long training run then you either need to take water and other stuff along or plan your run around the garages which have taps and 24h shops to buy coke and stuff. Now PE has Big Tree training runs which start in January and are held on the weekends when there isn’t a long running race planned. They start off once a month and then as the events come closer they are even every weekend. The first 2 were 30km, the next one is 32km and then they’re 40km long. Here is the awesome part. Everyone starts at a different time between about 4.45 and 5.15am (slower runners start earlier), you pay R15 which you put into an ice cream container, write your name down (we started at 4.55am and there were already  over 100 names written down), put your car keys in a basket and off you go following everyone (there is a set route). Every 3-5km there is a vehicle parked with a table set up and there is water and coke already poured waiting for you. It is so sociable as it’s not a race and by now we know so many of the people (through our club and the races)and because everyone starts at a different time and stops for different lengths of time at the stops you get to run with a huge variety of people. I know I’m biased but runners are an amazingly friendly and welcoming bunch of people and the km’s just fly by. At the end there’s water, coke, chocolate milk!!! ( I know but it’s actually amazing after a long run), an ice cream, more chatting and the basket with the keys. There are actually people out there that will wake up at about 4am to man watering stations so that other people can do the training they need to. Just amazing. I just loved the run and can’t wait for the next one.

Our building is coming on extremely well. They are still busy demolishing the flat but won’t do so completely until right at the end as they use the toilet and shower in the flat and one of the bedrooms to store their stuff. Today they are busy compacting the floor of the patio and tomorrow they’ll be doing the cement. The only thing with this building is that I’m so unbelievably keen to get as much done as possible in this first phase but it’s obviously not going to be possible financially. Fingers crossed we’ll only have to wait another year or two.

News on the Mini Countryman. I definitely won’t be getting one. Chris made an appointment for us to have a test drive at 10.30am on Saturday. We did our run, he popped into the hospital to see 2 patients, we picked up the kids, showered, didn’t even have time for breakfast(!!!) and we’d just run 30km and breakfast is my favourite meal of the day by far, quickly stopped at Woolies across the road from the dealership and I RUSHED my  food shop there to make it on time for 10.30am. When we got there we told them we had an appointment with whoever and were told she was out on a test drive and would be 5 minutes. We then looked at the Countrymans that were there (climbed in and out) and waited and waited and waited. Just before 11am we told them we were leaving and they had the cheek to say that they thought we were outside with the sales lady (bear in mind the girls were with us climbing in all the cars and sitting on the motorbikes,etc not sure how they missed us). They wanted to phone the sales lady again but if she wasn’t even there yet and we still had to go for a drive who knows what time we would’ve got back and Ava usually sleeps at 11.30am so we said no way. She then phoned at 11.15am just as we got home to say that she’d been waiting outside. What cr@p. We looked outside as we left and there was no sign of her (Chris met her when he made the appointment so it’s not like he didn’t know what she looked like) and there was no sign of any Countryman outside either. If that’s the service you get before you’ve even bought the car then thanks but no thanks. Sitting in the car I also realised that it’s way too small to have as my car and is only really an option for Chris to replace his Mini with. The thing is that his Mini is perfect for him and still quite new. I’m going to hold out for my Discovery although I’m quite keen to test drive a few other “cars” (not 4×4’s) on the market – a Mitshubishi Outlander and perhaps I should just try a Kombi as well. I’ve always said I’ll never get a Kombi but anyone that we know that has one ABSOLUTELY loves it. That’s the other thing with the Mini Countryman, it’s expensive for what you get. A Cooper S costs R350 000 and that’s without leather seats and all sorts of other ESSENTIAL mom’s car accessories so you’re looking at easily close to R400 000 for a car that’s probably the size of a Polo or Golf. No way.

Once the building is done our diningroom will have a huge opening onto the new patio area so we won’t be using our outdoor table and chairs anymore as that would be rather pointless. The patio will have massive stacking doors opening out onto the garden and pool and the plan is to put couches and comfy chairs there so that one day we (the adults) can sit and chat or read a book while the kids play or swim. I know a real pipe dream. At the moment they’re in the play-with- them phase which I’m afraid might just last a lifetime. I must be in the pool with them or catching them while they do the monkey bars or jumping with them on the trampoline or playing with them in the sandpit, fun but not quite as much fun as sitting on a couch reading my book. I am keen to have cane furniture out there. It has a outdoor feel but Chris doesn’t like cane furniture at all. We have a sleeper couch thing which I don’t like that’s been folllowing us around since we lived in Observatory. It’s comfortable (wooden base with a futon-type mattress) but ugly. The cover gets dirty and is a pain to wash and it sags in the middle and the wood is stained an awful reddish brown. Chris is keen to have it outside. Friends of ours have also recently renovated and she’s been looking for nice outdoor furniture in PE for a while now. We don’t have a Weylandts in PE, how sad is that? There’s one in Knysna would you believe but not here. I’ve bought stuff from Knysna before and they deliver to PE (cost involved of course). I get their monthly email and guess what, February’s special is on their Capri furniture. Our friends ordered it as I knew they would and I just had to work on Chris and his dislike of cane furniture.

Chris loves doing DIY, especially wood work and he’s really good at it. He made our bed, Zoe’s bed, other boookcases and stuff for the girls’ rooms, all our kitchen cupboards, pantry shelves, bookcase and desk, balau deck,etc in our previous house. He pretty much has every tool known to man (in my opinion) because every time he goes to the hardware store something is invariably on special. The one thing he doesn’t have is a radial arm saw. My dad has one and my parents live less than 2km from our house, but Chris doesn’t like the fact that he must go to my dad and cut the wood and then come back home again. I do understand it’s a bit of a hassle. Sunday he and Zoe go off to Bui.lders to get stuff that he needs for her dolls house. I get a phone call, “Hi, how are you?” Almost like those stupid cell phone people and I just knew something was on special. The radial arm saw was marked down from R12000 to R7000 an offer too good to refuse… I was so excited – almost exactly what my couch and chairs cost. Yay, you can buy your saw if I can get my couches. Let’s just ignore the small fact that I don’t actually earn any money and spending R14000 (bit more if you add on delivery) when you could have spent nothing just so you can each get what you want is probably not so wise. But, I’m happy and he’s happy. We do seriously need to enlarge our garage as it now houses our outdoor table and chairs PLUS all tools known to man (now including a radial arm saw), 4 bicycles, 1 pram, 1 tricycle, 2 cars, camping gear, skiing gear,etc.,etc.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day. There’s a new doctor that’s come to work with Chris and is training as a plastic surgeon. She started work on 1 February and is brand new to PE. She spent her first night in PE with us as her furniture hadn’t arrived yet and she’s a lovely girl. I found out it was her birthday yesterday and invited her to dinner as I knew there was no way that we had any romantic plans (a real down-side of having your birthday so close to Valentine’s) as we went out on Friday night for a really fancy meal. I then ask Chris to ask one of the other registrars and his wife to dinner as well. They’ve got a 7 month old baby so I didn’t think they’d be going out either. He says no, he’ll rather ask the other one that has a gorgeous girlfriend that he’s crazy about??? Why would anyone want to spend Valentine’s day with your boss when you have a girlfriend? He was adamant about inviting him. Paul said he’d forgotten it was Valentine’s Day so thanks for reminding him but he would rather not come along. No surprise there. Fortunately Cameron and his wife could come. Their little boy bathed with the girls and Ava only touched his whatnot just as he was getting out thank goodness. Occasionally I bath with the girls and she’s definitely a grabber of things she’s not used to seeing, so I was  a bit afraid the little guy would be attacked.

Dinner was lovely and I’m so glad we (Chris only arrived home after Cameron and Colleen arrived) made the effort. They did come at 6.20pm because of the bathing and I guess someone has to work to pay for all this furniture and tools that keeps making it’s way into our house.

EEK I think our gate motor just packed up. We don’t use the gate a lot but the builders are using it all the time and now it won’t work. Always a bad thing when you decide to spend money on furniture and tools, some essential item is bound to break. Murphy’s Law.


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