This is going to be very quick. I should be in bed. I am getting awfully tired of waking up early. Sick and tired of it in fact. This morning was when we get to run together because Joyce slept over but Chris had to leave for work at 7.15am so it meant the alarm went off at 5.10am which I know is the time that some peoples’ children wake up so I really shouldn’t moan but my little angels sleep till we wake them at 7am and I really wish I could be doing the same. I have to wake up at 5.30am AGAIN tomorrow and go for a run. I love the running part and the getting back knowing that your exercise is done for the day but I hate it when the alarm goes off. I can’t believe there are people that do this year in and year out. The scary thing is that I’m actually a morning person but I reckon I’m a morning person that likes the morning to start at 6.30, maybe even 6am not 5.30 or earlier. I have always wanted to run Two Oceans one day. I hope that we will have trained enough to do it well enough that I won’t feel the need to do it again just to do it better. I am getting soo excited about the building, it’s coming along so well although our back garden is COMPLETELY trashed, Chris should actually take a photo now that I think of it. It’s going to be awesome when it’s done. Chris isn’t as excited, he is working very hard at the moment rushing all over the place. We have 2 friends that are oncologists here in PE. Oncologists generally work for a company because all their equipmant is so expensive that it isn’t really possible for them to work independently. So these guys both work for the only private oncology practice in PE. They are also so busy at the moment. The last few months have been exceptionally busy months with more new patients than ever. That’s really scary for me. Chris sees a lot of cancer patients but he can usually help them and sort them out. The last doctor anyone wants to go to is an oncologist. Today I was speaking to one at his daughter’s 2nd birthday party and he said that already this month he has seen 18 new patients (usually it’s about 15 for the whole month). I’ve never been afraid of cancer, there is absolutely no history of cancer in either side of my family. I’m starting to get a touch concerned now. I’ve never smoked, don’t really drink, exercise a lot and eat healthily as much as possible (we even have our own flourishing vegetable garden) but I’m now not so sure anymore. The veggie garden is Chris and Zoe’s project but they have done so well – we have spinach, lettuce, carrots, basil, parsley, brinjal, chillies, tomatoes and I can’t remember what else. Zoe gets such a thrill going to pick stuff in the garden in the evenings when we’re cooking supper and she’ll eat anything that has come out of her garden!!! Must go, have been summoned to help with the dolls house.


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