Absolutely mad

You remember that I’d got to order my couch and 2 chairs from Wey.landts after Chris decided to buy his radial arm saw. Well, what drama I’ve had this week. I phoned to order them on Monday and the sales lady in Knysna said she’d email through the sales docket so that I could know how much to pay,etc. I was then to fax through the deposit slip and she’d put through the order. Just before I did the payment I phoned my friend to check what their delivery fee was just to make sure it was the same but I couldn’t get hold of her and so carried on with the payment (my only mistake). I then spoke to my friend and it turns out that their delivery fee was exactly half what ours was (R750 vs R1500). I phoned the lady immediatly to find out why and was told that they had requested to share their delivery and so the cost was halved. I told her that we weren’t in any hurry for the furniture so I was quite willing to wait until there was another delivery coming through to PE (knowing full well that our friends identical order had not yet been delivered). I was at a serious disadvantage because I’d already paid the R1500 but even if they gave me a credit or something I’d be happy. On Friday morning while I was at the hairdresser I had 3 missed calls and a voicemail message on my phone. Turns out it’s the sales lady phoning to tell me that my furniture is arriving on Monday. She then proceeds to tell me that they have other deliveries and will phone me when they are on their way to me. Oh good I say, that means we can share the delivery costs. No she says??!!! But you’ve just told me that they have other deliveries so surely that means we can share the delivery costs??? No, that’s not possible. I then remind her that I’m in no hurry for the furniture and they can keep it for me until I can share the delivery. I had my suspicions that it was our friends’ stuff that they were delivering around the corner from us. Friday afternoon we spent at their house and of course she confirmed that their stuff was coming on Monday. I phoned yesterday morning and spoke to the manager and asked him to try and explain why our friends were only paying R750 because they’d asked to share delivery but our stuff that was due to come with theirs did not qualify for the same reduction. He then tried to tell me that at the time they had ordered, they were  last and so could get a reduction on the delivery fee??? I said surely WE were last if we ordered after them so why couldn’t we get the same discount. No he said the truck is full. Are you trying to tell me that after I spoke to Sone at 11am on Friday morning someone else from PE phoned, ordered and paid for furniture that is now being delivered with our friends’ stuff. I WAS FURIOUS. I wrote everything down in an email, including saying that when the delivery truck arrived at our friends, their nanny was going to phone me and I would walk around to their house and check with the drivers whether the truck was indeed full. That was a small white lie as they do live in the same suburb as us but I would probably have had to drive to their house to check the truck as they don’t live that close. I sent the email and within 5 minutes the manager had phoned back to say that they would be organising a trailer for the truck (ya right I’ll still see about whether they need a trailer) and would refund me R750.

I am very glad about the outcome but I am mad as a snake that it had to happen . I don’t mind paying for something but don’t give some people special deals and not others and don’t ever try and blatantly lie to me either. When I was chatting to Nina at church this morning she actually said that the last time they got stuff from Wey,landts they had again “shared” delivery but the 2 large couches they’d ordered had arrived in a bakkie (with a trailer) and there was no way that anything else could’ve fitted on the bakkie or trailer to “share” the delivery. I’m sure it’s just a money-making scheme on their behalf, I mean R1500 delivery from Knysna to PE is  daylight robbery to start with. I need to email through my details and let’s see if I actually get the money. The sad part is that I love Wey;landts stuff and will probably buy from them again just wish they’d open a shop here as I refuse to deal with those monkeys in Knysna again.


One Response to “Absolutely mad”

  1. Nisey Says:

    It seems as though there is always someone trying to make a quick buck out you!!! Our washing machine broke last week. I got an appliance repair company to come and look and they took it away and called me to say the drainage pump needed to be replaced and it would cost R870. That just didn’t sit right so I called the Defy technician. He came round the next day and unblocked a pipe and all we paid was R300 call out fee!!!

    I called the repair company and told her that either her technicians aren’t up to standard or she’s trying to cheat us and she got very hot under the collar and threatened to SUE me! Seriously, I told her to have a nice day and put down the phone.

    Glad I followed my instincts though!

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