Ticking off my list

The furniture arrived safely yesterday on a trailer pulled by a very laden bakkie so perhaps the truck had indeed been full. I still think bringing our stuff on a trailer makes more sense than bringing it on it’s own. I had to sign the credit card slip for my refund so looks like it might all end on a good note.

Zoe’s party is coming along steadily, the jumping castle is booked, the food is planned, I’ve got the list of children/mom’s that are coming and tomorrow I’ll start shopping. In the book the cake says, “This cake is not difficult, just time consuming!!” The dolls house is also getting there. I shipped the girls off to my mom yesterday afternoon and got a whole lot of painting done. This evening Chris is planning to put it all together, sand off and fill in little holes and imperfections and then painting and decorating can start in earnest. Thing is that I’ll need to start baking on Wednesday evening already so tonight is the last night that I can help him. My aunt brought the rest of the furniture from England last week so that’s all sorted.

On the party menu is a lemon meringue, brownies, cheesecake, milk tart, quiche, biltong, koeksusters, caramel cupcakes and sandwiches for the moms. Of that I will make the lemon meringue, brownies, cheesecake and quiche. I’ll get my mom to do the sandwiches and I’ll buy the koeksusters, cupcakes and milk tart.

The kids will get chips, popcorn,  fruit juice, fruit (grapes, raspberries and blueberries), droewors, rice crispy treats, cake and then I’ll make those upside down ice cream cone things filled with smarties and jelly tots.

My parents have a big garden so we’ll be doing a treasure hunt and then pass-the-parcel (maybe musical statues for the older ones). Their party favour will be the treasure hunt present.

Then it’s just the small matter of running 50km the morning after the party… I’m sure we’ll be up most of Thursday night doing the cake, baking and the rest of the dolls house so can imagine my legs will be feeling pretty weary come 5am on Saturday. Zoe is so excited though and is counting down the sleeps so it makes every bit of the hard work worth it.

I must say I am very excited to see the dolls house all finished.

On the building front things are also going well although the building site that was my beautiful back garden does distress me somewhat. Again I hope we can do the rest of our planned renovations asap so that the building can be well and truly behind us. Unfortunately it’s provisional tax time so quite a hefty chunk of money needs to be transfered into SARS’s bank account. Boo hoo. I had been expecting it because Chris has been doing quite a lot of private work and so earning a lot but I wish I could be paying the money into our builder’s account as opposed to the jolly government (which incidently pays his “official” salary). Quite ironic.




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