All good

It’s been a busy but incredible few days. Most significantly is that Zoe turned 4. I still can’t quite believe it’s been 4 years since she arrived in our lives.I actually went into labour with her at 28 weeks while we were on holiday up at Sabie River bungalows. Fortunately, a good friend of mine had told me all about her birth experience and that she thought she had a tummy bug as her tummy was working so much when in fact she was in labour. I started having regular contractions and my tummy was working overtime and I woke Chris up and we drove to Nelspruit, just in time. We happen to have good friends that live in Nelspruit and the husband is a physician and I was seen immediatly by the on-call gynae and fortunately the medication they gave me stopped the labour and after 24 hours in hospital we flew home to Cape Town and Zoe arrived at 39 weeks. As a physio trained to work with disabled children I knew the enormous risks of giving birth at 28 weeks. With all the advances in medicine, the rate of cerebral palsy in children remains unchanged, purely because of the high incidence of prem babies. Babies that previously would have died, now survive but often have Cerebral palsy. I know not all of them but I was absolutely terrified. How different our life could have been.

What was so strange when Zoe was born was that she looked nothing like I expected. Both Chris and I were born with lots of dark and yet Zoe had no hair and was the pales, whitest baby I’d ever seen. She was very tall and skinny, weighing 3,2 kg but 57cm long. It took me quite a few days to actually believe that she was mine and now she’s this gorgeous 4 year old little girl.

Chris managed to finish the dolls house on time and I did all the painting and decorating, including a last minute trip to a scrapbooking shop to buy all the decorations which I think made a huge difference. Because of our renovations we had her party at my parents house and that worked out very well. Our weather has been incredible lately – warm and windless and Friday was no exception. The party was a huge success and although I wasn’t 100% happy with the cake, Zoe and all her friends thought it was great and that is after all the most important thing.

Friday night the girls slept at my folks as I had the 50km race on Saturday morning. The conditions could not have been more perfect. The race started (and ended) at Pollock Beach which is litreally 300m from our house so I could walk to the start. It was cool and overcast for 90 % of the race and no real wind to speak of. I felt amazingly good. I ran my fastest marathon time – 3h37 and then went on to run a 4h23 which was way better than I expected. I thought I’d come 5th but actually came fourth and even won R500!!!! Not a lot but still imagine winning money for running a race at the grand old age of 35. Chris drove with the girls to about the 46km mark to say hi and then waited at the last water stop where Zoe gave me some water. I was really tired by that stage and it was so special to see them. They were waiting at the end with my parents and some friends and the whole day was just such a high. The most an=mazing part is that I’m not even that stiff,it’s almost too good to be true, imagine running 50km and not even being stiff. hopefully it’s all the training that’s paying off. I am getting unbelievably excited for the Two Oceans. I am no longer scared of running that far as now that I’ve run 50km so comfortably another 6km definitely won’t kill me. The only problem is my competitive streak that’s rearing it’s head. The official cut-off for the Two Oceans is 7 hours but then you get a blue medal, not the medal that anyone really wants. If you run it between 5 and 6 hours you get a bronze medal which is great and I’d be very happy with one. If you run the Two Oceans under 5 hours you get a special Sainsbury medal. If you think that I ran 50km in 4h23 then another 37 minutes to run 6km is not difficult at all. The thing is that although there were a few hills in Saturday’s race they were definitely not Chapman’s Peak or Constantia Neck. The other factor is that it will probably take a good couple of minutes to get over the start line, just enough crucial minutes and so the chances of getting a Sainsbury medal are slim but I will be very tempted to try. Chris is very against that as he feels that this year we should just try and finish comfortably and next time go for a fast time. I’m not sure if there will be a next time, I’m finding this training quite daunting and yet I love running races  and I can’t quite believe just how well I’m doing. At school I was more academic and although I loved sport I was never brilliant. I played hockey and tennis and indoor hockey and did athletics but I was never in the 1st team or won races (okay one 400m race once). So imagine my surprise at coming 4th in a race and actually winning money, it’s actually quite surreal. Even weirder is a girl that was at school with me that didn’t do any sport – still not sure how she managed that as it was compulsory to do at least 1 winter and 1 summer sport. She was seriously academic and I would drive her nuts as I mostly beat her. I loved school and worked hard but as I said I enjoyed sport and was very involved with cultural stuff and was actually head girl at both my junior and senior school so had a lot of other commitments besides just studying. This girl ONLY studied. Both her parents were doctors and although she was pretty she would be what in my day was known as nerdy, no clue as to what they’re called these days. Anyway there’s an anaesthetist that works with Chris that is a brilliant runner, seriously good, she’s run numerous Comrades and Two Oceans and gets the Bill Rowan and Sainsbury medals that I mentioned. She also has twins and is married to a surgeon so I take my hat off to her.Turns out that she is good friends with this girl  that I was at school with  (they studied sports medicine together)and would you believe it – she’s also become a serious runner!!! Just goes to show, running is literally for everyone. If it can convert Joanna it can convert anyone, that is a fact. I’m still trying to get over the fact that probably the least sporty girl in my year at school studied sports medicine!

Some photos although I’ve put a lot on facebook so please go and check there.

The dolls house

The cake

Okay, with the new SLR camera, these photos are massive files and are taking forever to download so please just look on facebook.

We had such a special weekend. As I said, the weather has been stunning so yesterday afternoon we spent on the beach, at the Pond (Zoe’s name for it) – a tidal pool at the end of Pollock beach which is VERY popular with kids. This is how awesome PE is, we met up with a family that I’d met at a party last week. Chris says that he remembers them from previous Pond outings. Turns out he is a pastor at the church which 2 lots of our friends go to and they are divine. An older boy and then two littlies. Ava was fascinated by their little boy Levi whose 9 months old. The mom was in my year at school but went to a different high school in PE although PE being PE we still have lots of friends in common. Such a lovely afternoon. The only blip was that we had a braai last night and Ava touched the Weber (our built-in braai is not yet up and running) and burnt her fingers. Poor nunu – she kept crying and wanting us to kiss her fingers better but obviously it was still sore. Typical children of a doctor – no burnshield or anything like that so the poor neglected child was given lots of ice (thankfully both kids are addicted to eating ice and in order to eat ice you need to hold it in your hand), Calpol and went to bed without any fuss. She has blisters on 3 of her fingers but the plastic surgeon father is not in the least bit concerned. We still have no Burnshield. She has not mentioned her fingers at all since last night, so I guess they aren’t sore anymore. This morning was an equally gorgeous day and we were very naughty and bunked church to go to the beach AGAIN. The afternoon we spent swimming at my folks. The only other blip is that Chris spent an hour or two repairing the damage the builders made to our grey water system. He is mad as a snake. They have, in his words, “blik&*med” through the pipe nine times. Once is an accident, twice a mistake but nine times unacceptable. He has hardly met the builders as he leaves before they get here and is home after they’ve left so I do feel very responsible for any damage, mistakes and stress they cause. Chris a generally a very easy going person. He is always calm. Nothing upsets him. When he does on the extremly rare occasion get into a bad mood or get angry I don’t like it at all. This afternoon he was not a happy camper but he seems to have recovered and overall it’s been an absoultely incredible few days.


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  1. Sharon Says:

    The dolls house is STUNNING!

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