Let down

I know how it feels to have 5 precious free minutes and quickly go and check how everyone in blogland is doing. It’s always so exciting when there are new posts and I’m always a bit disappointed when there’s nothing new. I realise there aren’t a whole lot of people who read my blog but I’ve really gotten slack lately and I’m sorry to keep disappointing you. The weeks just seem to be getting busier and busier and I never seem to get a chance to sit and write stuff down.

Our major dilemna at the moment is what school we want the girls to go to. Each time I think I’ve decided, I start having doubts and there are actually such a lot of good schools available with pro’s and con’s to each one that I don’t actually think there is a wrong option. I loved school and my only wish is for my girls to have a similar positive experience. I believe that my positive school experience really set me up for life. I did very well at school, made good friends, participated in sport, got accepted to study one of the hardest courses (to get into) at the best University in SA (Stellenbosch in case you didn’t know). Stellenbosch is not necessarily the best in SA on any world list, I think UCT is ranked higher but in terms of leaving home and going to study somewhere, the experience of studying at Stellenbosch beats any experience of studying at UCT hands down. I had lots of friends at UCT and they all wished they were at Stellenbosch. The friends I made at Stellenbosch are pretty much still my closest friends today. If I hadn’t gone to Collegiate I do not believe I would’ve gone on to study at Stellenbosch. If I had been at a co-ed school I do not think I would be the confident person that I am today and I do believe that I would never have excelled at school like I did.

So, surely I’d automatically want to send my girls to the same school. The thing is that I grew up with 2 brothers and most of my parents’ friends had mostly boys. My girls aren’t going to have any brothers and the vast majority of our friends seem to have girls with a sprinkling of boys here and there. Zoe doesn’t like boys at all, Ava LOVES boys. The other option is a private co-ed school. I am still leaning towards Collegiate because I feel as a big girls school it really does offer them everything. It is an excellent school and as yet I can’t really tell you anything that the private school can offer that Collegiate can’t and at Collegiate the sport will obviously be better because there are 70-100 girls in each age group as oppsed to just. Classes are obviously slightly smaller at St Georges but only by about 5. We all know that girls and boys learn things in different ways, at a girls school one can teach catering 100% to a girls’ brain. I still have to go and visit the private school – it is closer to our house and there are one or 2 academic things I need to check out. There aren’t many private schools in PE and so the private schools do automatically get more than the average number of “special needs kids” like those on the autistic spectrum or ADD or whatever. I know this because a good friend applied for the job as the remedial teacher at St Georges and she was told that they did have quite a few such children. From this post you’re probably thinking that I’ve already decided but I’m still a bit undecided. My mom was a junior school teacher in PE up until 3 years ago, even she can’t help me that much. Oh boy, it’s a tough one. While money isn’t really an issue it is always a consideration. At Collegiate the fee for a child from Grade 0 to Grade 7 is the same and about R14 500 per year. At St Georges the fees increase with each year. Grade 0 starts out at R18 000 but Grade 7 is R41 800 000 this year. That is an awful lot more than what it is at Collegiate and as I’m sitting here I can’t really tell you what more St Georges can offer the girls except a 5 minute shorter drive for mom and 5 less children in the class. Last night Chris and I went to a new parents meeting at Collegiate and today Zoe and I visited the pre-primary for about an hour and a half. Next week I need to go and visit St Georges. Any of our friends with children at St Georges are very happy with the school and any Collegiate parents are equally happy. As I said before, there is really no right or wrong answer.

The one other thing that makes me lean slightly towards Collegiate is the whole competition thing. I love my girls more than anything and I want the very best for them. They have led a very charmed, sheltered life where they are the centre of my world. The world is however not like that. In order to succeed in life they will have to do well and so sending them to a school where there are 70-100 other little girls the same age, they will have to fight a little bit to get noticed and to achieve. Maybe they won’t and they’ll hate school but based on what I’ve seen of their personalities and abilities already and based on who their parents are, I think they both need to be pushed to achieve all that they are certainly capable of achieving.


3 Responses to “Let down”

  1. Marcia (123blog) Says:

    I love how you say your girls have led a very charmed life πŸ™‚ Most parents would deny that!

    Anyway……………. here’s what I want to ask you – please talk more about how being at a girls’ school made you more confident. Also, was Collegiate your school right up til matric? I don’t know anything about the schools in PE except in the coloured areas πŸ™‚ so forgive all the questions.

    You’re right – as you post it, I also don’t see much difference between the two, except for the money!

    Now, what does Chris say?

  2. zamom Says:

    Yes, I was at Collegiate until Matric. (I was at Summerwood -co-ed till std 2 and Erica – girls only from Std 3 till Std 5). I think I was more confident because I wasn’t trying to impress any boys and often it’s not always “cool” to do very well academically and know all the answers, etc. At a girls only school everything is about girls so girls sport is important as I think at most co-ed schools rugby and cricket are all that everyone focuses on. I wasn’t in the 1st team for hockey, indoor hockey,etc. (usually the 2nd or 3rd team) but we were always encouraged to participate and had the very best coaches and I loved it. I think we’re probably going to go with Collegiate. Chris doesn’t really mind either way.

  3. Marcia (123blog) Says:

    Good thing I came back to check! I usually never do – I need to write a post on this as you sparked something in my mind that I came across on a career blog.

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