Giving up???

I am getting so bad at this whole blogging thing that perhaps I should just give up. It’s been a week and guess what?? We’re going away again. This time not so much fun. Well, I haven’t even told you about last weekend’s drama. Quickly on this weekend. On Monday (a public holiday) it is our 8th wedding anniversary. I sort of thought it would be a good idea to get married on a public holiday as then our anniversary could always be special and we could try and get away and go somewhere special. The only little snag in that plan is that I married a Plastic surgeon and every year all the Plastic surgeons in South Africa get together and have a conference about the cosmetic side of their work on and around 21 March. Every year for our anniversary Chris is at a stupid conference. I’ve tried kicking up a fuss but every year he goes and pays his registration fee, books his flight and off he goes. Last year I went along and got stuck looking after the kids on my own. Never again. This year we’re moving in with Granny and Grandpa for the 3 days. I am not a very happy bunny right now. Not at all.

Last Friday when Chris got home from work (at about 2pm) so we could go to Addo, he said he wasn’t feeling well. He got sicker and sicker until he was throwing up all evening and well into the early hours of Saturday morning. There was no ways that he could run his race and I felt desperately sorry for him. He felt a little better on Saturday and Sunday but still not 100%. He hasn’t had gastro for ages and for him to get it on the day before a race that he’s trained and prepared for for months is just devastating. Thankfully although I was a little queasy on Friday nobody else got his bug and the rest of us could all enjoy the weekend. The hotel was lovely and the girls had a ball. Saturday was actually quite misty and overcast the entire day so we couldn’t swim much but we did go into the park and saw friends of ours that now live in the UK. They’d never met Ava and we hadn’t met their 2nd son so that was great and we went animal spotting with them as well. I was quite disappointed at how unimpressed Ava was with seeing elephants for the first time. The kudus almost made more of an impression. One lot that we saw were incredibly close, so it’s not as if she couldn’t see them.

Our building is coming on superbly well. We’re almost ready to start with the pool although next week will probably be the big bash through into the diningroom and kitchen which I’m really not looking forward to. They then start on the flat/guest room and that may take a while as we’ve expanded our plans somewhat.  Saw the most divine chandeliers in most of the rooms at Zuurberg Mountain Inn and they’d be perfect for our diningroom and entrance hall. I must just get around to emailing them and finding out where they come from. The whole place burnt down about a year ago and so I know they are “new”. Chandeliers is not something I ever thought I’d be putting in my house but our architect has one that he inherited from his mom and they’ve completely modernised their house (including an all white kitchen) and in their kitchen is an absoutely enormous window and hanging in that space they have the chandelier. It looks incredible. Our house is oldish (1940) but we like modern stuff and yet once we’re done with all our moderninsing, including a stunning kitchen I reckon a chandelier in 1 or 2 spots will look awesome. Will definitely show you when we get there. The kitchen only happens in the next phase which fingers crossed might not be too far away but I have big plans for the diningroom.

Must go, my lovely weekend awaits. Oh never mind that I’m running 40km tomorrow morning (starting at 5am) and then 24km on Monday. Yay.


One Response to “Giving up???”

  1. darylfaure Says:

    Don’t you dare stop blogging! Although I hardly ever get around to commenting anymore I love to read your updates and keep in touch with you and the girls.

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