Yet another week

Can’t believe yet another week is done and dusted. I now know that I’ll probably only get better at this blogging thing once Ava starts play school in the 3rd or 4th term. Still not exactly sure when that will be.

So, how was the long weekend? Awful.

Friday night was fine but my aunt and uncle were also staying with my parents and so I didn’t really land up going to bed very early which made the 4.10am wake-up call rather early, although that sort of wake-up call probably feels early no matter what time one goes to sleep. The run went okay but all the hills were towards the end of the race which is great for training purposes but very hard on the legs. I really love these Big Tree runs. Just the way they work so well thrills me. I know I’ve explained it all before but to have between 100 and 200 runners all starting anytime between 4.45 and 5.15am, being able to just drop their keys in a big bowl, run for between 32 and 40km’s with regular stops for water, coke and cream soda (yes, cream soda is big in running circles these days??) all poured out into cups and then to have your keys, chocolate/strawberry milk, ice cream, coke and water waiting for you at the end all for the enormous price of 15 ROND, quite incredible. The people I’ve met and the experience I’ve gained is phenomenal.Anyway, it’s been a long week so I’ll move swiftly along.

Saturday afternoon my dad and I took our respective dogs to dog school and Bear actually performed remarkably well but I can’t say dog school ranks very high on my list of things to do after little sleep and a long run. The suburb where we live (and so too my folks) is the same suburb where the University is and a lot of people in the area have flatlets that they rent out to students. My parents’ neighbours have 2/3 flatlets and these flats are close to the wall which is reasonably close to the bedroom where I was sleeping. After about 5 hours sleep the night before (and running 40km) I was keen for an early night. Unfortunately the neighbours were away so the students decided it was a good time to have a party. Eventually at about midnight my dad went and told them to be quiet and fortunately they listened. Soon after that Zoe woke complaining of being itchy. Instead of plugging in the mozzie machine which Chris had unplugged to make place for the monitor I just told her to go to sleep. Bad move, I should know now never to opt for the lazy option. An hour later she was complaining that the mozzies were keeping her awake and so I plugged in the machine. Poor thing was covered in bites the next morning and I felt really bad. Then, my parents’ dog started coughing, the most horrendous I’m about to throw up everywhere kind of coughs. What a night. It was my turn to do Childrens’ Church for Zoe’s class and fortunately that went really well except that we were doing Daniel in the Lions’ den and we made paper lions but they had to stick wool onto the mane and that made the manes really heavy (especially because 3 and 4 year olds tend to be fairly heavy-handed when it comes to glue and sticking stuff on) and so the legs weren’t quite able to support the weight of the manes. They all had fun though and hopefully learnt something.

Suddenly in the middle of Sunday afternoon while we were all swimming Bear started throwing up (Kohl’s cough had miraculously disappeared in the morning). He wouldn’t even look at his supper and even when he drank some water, he went straight outside and threw it up. He started to look really lethargic and so we phoned the vet and I took him in. He was given 2 injections which she said should help straight away but he only stopped vomitting and eating again well into Sunday morning. Kohl’s cough was back on Sunday night of course and in between all the coughing and vomitting there went another night’s sleep.

It was a very, very long weekend and not a wedding anniversary I’d ever like to repeat.

You might remember that earlier in the year we were all set to buy a Toyota Fortuner but then Chris made the fatal error of booking a Landrover test drive and we decided to hold off on the Fortuner and wait or year or so and buy a Landrover instead. One of the reasons being that my car still drives well and costs us nothing. We then started renovating and as is always the case, one continuously adds more and more little things to the whole project and everything always costs more than you think and without very much effort one has spent all the money in your budget and a bit extra.

My car was due for a service but I hadn’t got around to booking it in and then when I did phone they could only help me this Wednesday which was the day my brother and his family were arriving so I rather made it for 2 weeks time. No train smash or so I thought. Last Thursday morning I’m driving around and am suddenly aware that I don’t have to push the clutch pedal in very far to change gears. It gets progressivly worse until we arrive outside the garage door and I can’t get the car into gear at all because the clutch pedal is stuck to the floor. I phone Renault immediatly and tell them I have an emergency as I can’t drive my car. Sorry, the earliest they can help me is Wednesday. What kind of an answer is that? Imagine if Chris just told everyone he could only help them next week when they phone him from Trauma for an emergency. Surely they must make allowances for things going wrong unexpectedly? Wednesday morning we set off for the Renault garage (my mom drove behind to give us a lift home). When I tried to reverse the car out of the garage (at our house) I couldn’t. The automatic parking brake wouldn’t disengage. Fortunately Chris was still at home and he somehow got it right. Each time I changed gear I had to pull the clutch pedal out with my foot and once we got to Renault we had to wait for them to open and that parking meant that the parking brake was on and I couldn’t get the car out of the street. Long story short the car needs a new clutch along with it’s already major service all for the grand total of R16 000!!! Cheaper than a new car I know but not great timing at all.To be fair this is the first time that anything has gone wrong in the 4 years that I’ve had the car but I have an awful feeling this won’t be the last. It justs needs to hold out another year and after having hadR16 000 spent on it, it jolly well better.

My brother and his family are visiting from the USA and Zoe and Ava are loving having their cousins here. Zoe and Eloise are obviously enjoying it more than the younger two as they’re still a bit young to figure out exactly how special their new playmates are. They had never met either of my children and we’d not met Ollie (their almost 3 year old son). Poor Ollie is the only grandson on the Wood side of the family so he’s had rather a girl overload. They spent about a week with my younger brother in Cape Town and are here in PE for just over a week. Greg actually landed up in hospital on Friday with a kidney stone but it passed quite quickly and he’s 100% again now. Quite ironically he’s had kidney stones before when they they were still living in London. He landed up at St Georges Hospital in London, where Richard (my youner brother) was working. On Friday he again landed up in St Georges Hospital, this time in PE and it happens to be the hospital where Chris, his brother-in-law, works.

Today was another 4okm training run which went really well. I felt so much stronger than last week and am hoping that all this training will pay off in about a month’s time when it comes to run the Two Oceans. Chris has tonsilitis and so couldn’t run this morning so his training is rather pitiful at the moment and I don’t think we’re going to be able to run Two Oceans together which is a bit of a blow. I’ll miss him but I need to run at the pace I feel comfortable with and I reckon that’s probably going to be faster than his pace. We’ll just have to see what the next few weeks holds.


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