It’s been way over a month since my last post and I’m not even going to try and tell you everything that’s been going on. On Friday we got back from a 2 week holiday to Cape Town. The weather wasn’t great for a lot of the time but we had an incredible holiday – very busy, but very good. We met up with lots and lots of friends and family which made for a busy time but there were still lots (of people) we didn’t get to see. The girls had a ball – they went horse-riding in Noordhoek twice (Ava by herself both times), had 3 trips to the Aquarium (don’t ask), a trip to Seal Island on the boat, 2 trips to Boulders Beach, many trips looking for baboons (again, don’t ask), a trip to amazing Butterfly World and Paarl, a few trips along Chapmans Peak, visits to Noordhoek Farm Village, walks on the mountain (behind Chris’s parents house), a train ride to Muizenburg (from Simon’s Town) and back, a party at Spur and many other visits to friends. I could have stayed longer and spent more time with everyone, done a few more sightseeing stuff and done more shopping but it’s nice to be home even if home is still a building site.

The Two Oceans is done and dusted. I ran it in 5 hours 9 seconds. I should be very happy as that is a pretty good time but I missed a Sainsbury medal (for running under 5 hours) by 9 seconds. I was the first person to get a bronze medal. I had a bit of an injury (my first one ever) in the last 2 weeks before the race and so the mere fact that I could run the race without feeling it (my hamstring) very much at all was a huge bonus and although I had kind of been aiming for sub-5 hours a few weeks before the race, that all changed with the injury. I am very happy and the weather was perfect and now I’ll just have to do it next year again and get that Sainsbury medal.

While on holiday we stayed with 2 lots of friends that have just finished building houses. Both are just stunning but very different. The one couple live in Swellendam and have built the most gorgeous Cape Dutch style thatched house. They went to great lengths (and expense I’m sure) to source old Oregon for the floors, found old Oregon doors, huge great wooden beams everywhere, shutters, old Victorian-style bathrooms, old-style kitchen,etc. The other house (of friends in Cape Town) is modern but with some old touches and is equally stunning. Our building hasn’t progressed much while we’ve been away due to all thses jolly public holidays. Both Chris and I are feeling rather fed-up and frustrated about it all. I want my house back and I want to start working on our garden and, and, and, there’s a list of stuff as long as my arm of things to be done by both the builders and us (which basically means Chris).

I’ll hopefully put up some photos on FB of our holiday but we are notoriously bad about taking photos (just realised there are none of either of the 2 houses I mentioned) and Chris is also experimenting with his camera and an awful lot of those taken when the light wasn’t great are blurred.

We were away for 15 nights – we spent 3 nights with my brother and his family (and met their new little girl at last), 1 night in Durbanville, 1 night in Swellendam and the rest of our nights in Simon’s Town with Chris’s folks but many days were spent visiting both people and places in Cape Town. Cape Town is a wonderful place to visit and I’m very glad we have so many friends and family there which means we get to go there at least once a year. It is also spectacularly beautiful but I am very glad I no longer live there. I do miss our friends and family a lot – we have friends there that I know will be our friends for life and I wish we could spend more time with them as we just click and our kids all just click. I am also very close to my brother and his family and my cousins that live there and I miss not being able to see them all the time. I still do not want to live there. I love our life in PE and I love the weather here and the traffic (or lack thereof). I am very glad we get to live in PE and holiday in Cape Town.

The girls were super stars and didn’t mind being dragged all over the show and Ava got to nap at loads of different houses and it didn’t bother her in the least. She did throw one monumental tantrum while visiting a friend in Fish Hoek  – I’m still not quite sure what it was all about but fortunately that was the only major meltdown. She did also bite her 12 week old cousin’s finger???? She is impossibly cute and will hug and kiss anyone and smile and chat to everyone but she has an evil streak which I’m not quite sure how to handle. My mom keeps telling me that she’s just a normal almost 2 year old but because my frame of reference is Zoe I think of her as being naughty when actually she’s fairly normal. My friends (with older children) always told me that Zoe wasn’t “normal” but one never quite believes it until “normal” comes along.

I will try and blog more often. It is starting to get quite dark in the mornings and so I’m going to be joining 2 other friends for training 3 mornings a week. The problem is that they meet at 5am(!!!) to run. That’s very early, especially in winter when it’s pitch dark and chilly. Will have to see how it goes, tomorrow is the first morning. They also run a little slower than I do but they are improving all the time and I hope it works out. I should get home just after 6am and so will have a bit of time when I get home to shower, read the paper and maybe blog before waking the girls at 7am. Back to life…

One other weird fact. Today is Mother’s Day as you all know. I had a miscarriage on Mother’s Day in 2008. I only thought about that a few minutes before I sat down to write this blog. It didn’t even cross my mind while we were in Church (it happened just after we got home from Church). Some people may think that’s not good but I think it’s just great. That is no longer a huge part of who I am. This holiday we met 2 quite tiny babies, my brother’s little 12 week old girl and our friends in Swellendam have an 8 week old little girl, their 3rd little girl. Other friends in Cape Town also have 3 little girls and still others are toying with the idea of a 3rd (they each have one of each). What we both realised is that we are well and truly done. I am 100% certain about that and maybe that’s another reason why I no longer think of the babies that might have been, I have my little girls and I am happy. I was reading one or two things about the Royal Wedding and particularly about how close William and Harry obviously are. That bond one gets between 2 same-sex siblings is just something very special. Not that oppposite siblings can’t be close or that same sex siblings will be close but if it happens then it’s awesome and I really pray that my two will be very close and it made me happy again that I was lucky enough to have 2 girls.


One Response to “Back”

  1. Marcia (123blog) Says:

    Welcome back!

    My mother tells me it’s been wet, cold weather the whole day – perfect for nesting.

    YOur trip sounds great (well done on the race) but I’m tired just reading 🙂

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