I went

The plan was to be in bed by 9pm, read till 9.30pm and go to sleep to be fresh and ready for my 4.45am wake-up. Reality was that I went to bed closer to 10pm, read till 10.30 and then lay awake worrying about which school to send Zoe to next year. We’ve kind of decided and I haven’t even applied anywhere else but something someone said to me yesterday got me thinking and doubting again.

I did get up at 4.45am, got dressed in all my winter running gear – tights, Helly Hansen, Buff to keep my ears warm, etc. and met Ursula. It wasn’t raining but it was quite windy and a little chilly but also not too bad and now it’s 6.40am I’ve run 10km’s, showered, dressed, drinking a cup of tea quietly till 7am when it’s time to wake up the 2 little princesses. Zoe is quite enchanted by the fact that there is now a Princess Catherine  (pity she doesn’t spell her name quite right, mine is with a K)!!

Heard on the radio we had quite a bit of rain but not nearly enough to break the drought, oh well, fingers crossed it keeps raining.


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