Time to start again

I haven’t blogged in a while. Why? Not really sure. Partly because I didn’t want to be spending too much time at the computer(not that it takes that long but one thing leads to another with me) and partly because I got a bit bored and didn’t like the feeling of people reading about what we were doing and what I was thinking.

So, I won’t recap but just see how it goes again. Can’t even think when I left off but here’s we we are:

– renovations done although we are in the process of planning the next teeny tiny one’s (just changing our front wall and gates and maybe extending the garage). I want it done but DO NOT want the builders back as we’ve just had the garden redone and I know they’re going to stuff up the bits where they have to work and that’s breaking my heart already. I’m loving our garden at the moment. I promise to take some photos of the garden, renovations and even some of the stuff we’ve changed inside very soon.

– Ava started going to school 2 mornings a week and she is loving it so much (asks to stay with Zoe on the days she doesn’t go) that she’s now going 3 mornings a week.

– I have started to help Chris a little bit more (with his practice) but we need to sit down and sort out what more I can do to make his workload a bit lighter. His HOD (in government) resigned/was kicked out long story/politics,etc.,etc. and so he is now the HOD without the official job title and salary increase at present so there’s stuff I can help him with on that side of things as well.

-we are loving our pool and the 2 best things we ever did was to get a solid pool cover and the solar heating on the roof. It hasn’t really been that hot in PE yet. One day was 39 but we’re still very much in the low twenties/late teens as is usually the case till December. Our pool is lovely and warm already and the girls are loving it. Zoe’s swimming is incredible, she can already dive in and swim the whole length of the pool (under water or whatever stroke you request) and she’s only 4!!! Amazing, she sits on the bottom of the pool, dives under the Kreepy, dives out the dogs’ toys which they insist on dropping in,etc. Ava is a little bit on the cautious side which I know is a good thing as she stays on the step unless I’m in with them but I’m finding her lessons a bit frustrating as she’s not keen to go underwater and so I can’t see much progress. I’m back to taking her as her lesson time changed which isn’t great as she does more for Chris and she is such a mommies girl that it was good for the 2 of them to do something together. Chris is understandably gutted.

The bonus with the pool cover is that the pool never gets dirty, the motor hardly has to be on (and in winter we turned it off completely), we never have to put in chemicals (other than a bit of salt initially) and yet the water stays crystal clear and it keeps all the heat in. Ours has batons across and is really not difficult to take off. It cost a bit more (than a net) but the amount you save in electricity and chemicals means that I’m sure it’s almost paid for itself already and we’ve only had it one winter.

-I still have my Scenic. Every time we think of replacing it, we decide to do some more stuff to the house. It does still drive well but this week it broke down again – some issue with the diesel filter or pump and it took about 4 days before R.enault could figure out what was wrong. Thankfully it only cost just under R3000 to fix but add to that the new clutch, battery and service this year alone it has cost us about R25000. Still a lot less than a new car but we need to seriously get a new one. Much as I’d love  a Disc.overy it just doesn’t make sense for us to spend that on a car when there are  still things we want to do to the house. At the moment we’ve decided on a new silver 3 litre diesel automatic 4X4 Fortuner. Chris can get it for about R30 000 less because he’s a member of SAMA (his union) no idea why, now just to decide when. We’ll probably wait till December so that it can be registered in 2012 but who knows. I’m a bit nervous of driving such a big car and if I really don’t like it then we’ll change the Mini for a Polo and Chris can use the Fortuner.

– The girls are very well. All trace of babyness has officially gone as Ava no longer wears a nappy at night so no cot,bottles,dummy,nappies, anything. I can’t tell you the number of people we know that are busy/just had/about to have their 3rd/4th child and I’m feeling a touch undecided. A week or so ago I was actually very keen but think I’m back to no on a third. Ava is not an easy child, in fact she’s naughty as anything but she’s very cute and so gets away with murder. I’m trying my best and think she’s just very different to Zoe and far more “normal” but fingers crossed she doesn’t give us too many sleepless nights when she’s older.

– Running is going okay. We’ve had lots of wind lately and I hate running in the wind. We ran the Otter Trail run which was phenomenally tough. It’s a 5 day hiking trail which you run in 1 day and have to finish in under 8 hours to get a medal. We did it in 7h53 minutes so just,just made it but a third of the field didn’t finish including Top Billing’s M.ichael M.ol. I will not do that race again. I am not a natural trail runner and although it was a beautiful run one couldn’t really enjoy it because you were in such a rush to try and finish in time. It’s also very expensive to do (R2500) so for both of us that’s R5000 which is an awful lot of money to spend on something that’s so hard. I ran 30km yesterday and my calf was a bit sore and I never,ever get injuries or niggles and I’m sure it’s because my calves were so stiff after the Otter and they still haven’t fully recovered. Will see how they feel tomorrow but I might even need to see a physio!!! Ha ha funny how one avoids your own kind. I’m doing a marathon on 3 December as a qualifier for Two Oceans and I was desperate to try and run a sub 3h30 so that I can get into the B starting group but now I’m very doubtful.

– Chris is crazy busy at work which I guess is good but it’s not nice that he doesn’t see the girls as much as he used to.

Think that’s probably enough for now, will try and do those photos soon.

2 Responses to “Time to start again”

  1. cat@juggling act Says:

    Hey, glad to see you are back!

  2. darylfaure Says:

    Good to have you back! Congrats on the girls doing so well.

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