Ava goes to school on Tuesday, Thursday and now Friday mornings. She is at the same school as Zoe, a small play school with 2 classes (one for the 2-3 year olds and one for the 4-5 year olds). This morning Zoe asked for Nutella on her bread and Ava wanted grated biltong. Somehow I managed to put the wrong sandwich in the wrong lunchbox – their lunchboxes are identical and the rest of their snack was identical so an easy mistake to make. Zoe realised my mistake (at snacktime) and told me when I fetched them that she was scared Ava wouldn’t want chocolate spread (she knows Ava never eats it) so she saved her sandwich to give to Ava. She knows that Ava takes ages to eat so when her class went out to play (they eat just before play time and both classes play together) she took her biltong sandwich to Ava. Ava had actually eaten half of the Nutella one and she then ate all of Zoe’s biltong one as well. I asked Zoe why she didn’t finish the rest of the Nutella one but she said she’d already packed her lunchbox away and the big class don’t eat with the little class! She is a stickler for rules.  I only give them 1 slice of bread folded over as neither are big eaters. All Zoe had to eat were her strawberries and her yoghurt. I do fetch them at 12 and they only eat breakfast at 8am but still, she is just the most wonderful child.

Just the thoughtfulness and caring attitude warms my heart. She realised she’d got the wrong sandwich and was immediatly worried about her little sister. She then saved hers and made sure she gave it to her sister. How sweet is that?

Much as I’d like to believe that Ava would have done the same (if she was the big sister) they could not be more different and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t even have thought twice, just eaten the wrong sandwich. I am eternally grateful that Zoe came first as she is the ultimate superstar big sister. Ava does love her sister tremendously and asks to sleep in Zoe’s room every night. Usually she is told no because Zoe loves her sleep and is fast asleep about a minute after she gets into bed while Ava happily talks and sings songs for at least 30 minutes. The other day I asked Zoe whether she’d like another brother or sister and she told me no, Ava is already such hard work and she doesn’t think she could possibly manage ANOTHER one as well!!

Thankfully, one generally tends to get a Zoe and an Ava. One angel and one little rubbish just to a) keep you on your toes and b) to make sure you realise your children’s personalities (both the good and bad bits) have got absolutely nothing to do with you.

3 Responses to “Sisters”

  1. cat@juggling act Says:

    A big smile about this post! Yea, they do keep us on our feet. And she is such an excellent sister.

  2. Marcia (123 blog) Says:

    aaaawwww, she is adorable!

    Yes, I’m wondering if either of mine would think about the other. Actually Connor is the more considerate one.

  3. darylfaure Says:

    Oh what a sweet big sister! Sounds like Ava is going to be adding to your grey hairs in a few years time. Dylan is definitely adding to mine. Testing his limits on a daily basis. AS much as I love him, I could quite happily give him away on day’s like yesterday, but then fortunately another day dawns and he is his usual sweet self (ok most of the day).

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