New career?

Last night was our running club time trial. We usually run 10km every Tuesday evening but once a month it’s a 5km time trial with prizes for 1st lady,gent and junior as well as lucky draw prizes and a bring and braai. I am obviously biased but I LOVE our running club. A lot of clubs are fairly full of older,serious,stuck in the details kind of members but we’ve got a club of mostly younger runners. The majority are around our age, then quite a few younger members and then a couple of older runners that are all loads of fun. The club is based down at the beachfront so a lot of members live around here and so we know lots from school, church and general PE/Collegiate/Grey/Medical connections. Tuesday evening my folks have the girls and it’s our time to exercise, do something together and socialise all rolled into one.

Back to my career – I won R100 (2nd in the 35-39 age group) for the race on Saturday and then won the ladies section of the time trial (5km in 20:36!!). The fastest girl in our club didn’t run last night which is why I won but still it was my fastest time and I’m getting closer to that elusive sub 20 minutes which I never ever dreamed I’d be able to break. For that I won a 6 pack of USN energy drinks, not sure what they’re worth but maybe about R60? I have won this time trial before but not too often. Then earlier in the year I won R500 in a race for coming 3rd overall and the 1 night stay for 2 at the Marine Hotel in the lucky draw. Glad I’m not the main bread winner!! Our club actually won 1st,2nd and 3rd on Saturday in the age group and we were joking that we wished the prize money had a few more zero’s but we then reckoned that if that was the case we certainly wouldn’t have won so I guess R100 is better than nothing.

Last night I had bookclub so I couldn’t stay for the bring and braai. I joined a new bookclub as the first one I joined disbanded (don’t think it was because of me) and my new one is great – exactly like my previous one in Cape Town. I actually know 10 of the 11 other girls already and they have similar reading taste to me and the 2 we’ve had since I’ve joined have been great – divine food, wine, lots of chatting and lovely books.

Chris is in Jhb doing a Smile Week at Jhb Gen (not sure what it’s called these days). Fortunately his eldest sister (he has 3) lives in Saxonwold so very nearby to the hospital so traffic shouldn’t be an issue. They live right across from the zoo and at night you sometimes hear the lions roaring so Zoe was adamant that he must go and visit the zoo, she couldn’t quite understand that he was there for work and wouldn’t have time for the zoo. Both girls absolutely adore my sister-in-law’s boys. They are 11 and 8 and the sweetest, kindest, gentle giants. Their dad is 6 foot 6, so they are very tall but are always so sweet with Zoe and Ava. We sent fudge up to them that we’d made as both boys have a very sweet tooth.

The funny thing with Chris’s Smile Week is that he is actually going because he wants to learn how to do a particular op they are doing 2 of this week. It’s a very specialised op to help children born with some extremely rare condition that affects the muscles of the face and so they cannot smile. Hence the name Smile Week as it is in fact these op’s which started the whole Smile Week thing. Last night (once he was in Jhb) he gets a call from the main plastic surgeon whose arranged it all and he proceeds to tell him that he (Chris) is in fact one of the main consultants, George (the plastic surgeon who does this specialised op) will be in the other theatre, they will each have some registrars assisting and he (the other doctor) will come later???? The whole point of him going was to learn, not actually do the op, but hopefully George will show him quickly and I guess the best way to learn is to do it yourself. They usually do lots of cleft lips and palates and other reconstructive stuff which Chris does a lot of and really loves doing. His very favourite procedure to do is a cleft lip. Ironically he did one the other day on a 4 month old baby, in private. The mom came back a week later for a check-up and the op is 100% successful and the child looks perfect but the mom said she feels like it isn’t her child. She had loved her “imperfect” baby so completely that it was hard for her to accept that this “perfect” baby was that same child. Quite special and must be awesome to be able to change peoples’ lives so profoundly. He’s the best husband and dad ever but glad he’s so special to other people as well.



3 Responses to “New career?”

  1. darylfaure Says:

    So proud of both of you!

  2. adesolaf Says:

    The mum of one of the beneficiaries of the smile week operation was on Talk Radio 702 yesterday and hearing her talk and the happiness in her voice about the joy the op has brought to their life (her son was in an accident when he was 2!!!) touched my heart, but it felt more real as I had read on your blog your hubby was coming to Johannesburg for the series of operations. Thanks to your hubby and the fellow doctors for their good work and a big thanks to you as well for the sacrifice when the doctors have to be away. God bless you!

    • zamom Says:

      Thanks, just wanted to clarify about the op he hadn’t done before, he didn’t do it alone but they (he and George)did it together. The op started at 8.30am and only finished at 9.30pm that night, with just a 40 minute break for lunch!! He was exhausted when he got back home.

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