Yesterday was the most stunning day, absolutely gorgeous and the sea was the most incredible turquouise blue. I took the dogs for a walk in the morning and just couldn’t stop staring and thinking how lucky we are to live so close to the beach. It always astounds me just how many people are on the beach when the weather is gorgeous – on a random Thursday morning, the beach was packed – does anybody work in this place?

I had 2 friends over in the afternoon and the kids swam and swam and swam, for about 2 hours. Our pool water is 30 degrees so they didn’t get cold at all. Chris even swam once the kids had gone to sleep.

So, today the wind is back but I’ll tell you why. We have good friends that live in Paarl. He is busy specialising at Tygerberg (almost finished) but they live in Paarl so he does a lot of commuting but they are happy in Paarl. This friend dislikes PE, intensely, no idea why. His folks live in East London so they often pass through. He is almost an orthopedic surgeon and the very best place to be an orthopedic surgeon is in a smaller place like PE or East London. The work is plentiful and you get to do anything and everything because often in the bigger cities people all want to go the the “knee” man or “shoulder” guy or whoever the latest expert is. Ironically, the new guys are actually the people who know all the latest research and techniques. So, if you really want to have an easy lifestyle, great working conditions and make loads of money then go to PE, East London, Nelspruit, even Durban, just don’t stay in Cape Town,Jhb or Stellenbosch,etc (it will take you much longer to get established and you’ll spend years doing all the rubbish on-call trauma which doesn’t pay and keeps you awake at night and away from your family). There is no convincing this friend though and guess what? Every time they come to visit, the wind howls. If his wife comes alone with the kids, the weather is gorgeous, but just let him come along and we can be assured of crappy weather.

I checked on Wind Guru last night and guess what? Today and Saturday are pink and even purple because the wind is so strong (40 knots in the afternoon on Saturday). That’s even strong by PE standards. I should’ve known it would be the case, but still. Kind of messes with my running plans too. We have Chris’s end of year function this evening and the plan is to do a long run tomorrow morning. We’ll be tired because of the late night and now at 5.45am tomorrow morning, when the wind is blowing already (it usually only starts later in the day), we’ll have to drag ourselves out of bed and run 24km knowing full well that the girls are sleeping soundly at my parents’ house!! Now that is going to take Herculean self discipline. I am already preparing for the huge task of waking Chris and getting him going – he is NOT a morning person AT ALL so I’m going to need to not only convince myself to get up but a sleeping grizzly bear as well. The moment I hear my alarm I am instantly awake and thinking straight, the same cannot be said for him. I have had to listen to far too many very strange phonecalls when he gets phoned by the hospital/another doctor in the middle of the night. I do feel sorry for ER doctors that have to phone other doctors at night, they must have to listen to an awful lot of crap if Chris is anything to go by.


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