Baby shower

I have a good friend that is expecting twins, her 3rd and 4th girls. It was her baby shower on Thursday morning. Her mom and one sister were here visiting so she’d asked for it to be that week. We had it at a guest house and the venue and food were superb, it was the most gorgeous day, the gardens were beautiful and we were the only people there so couldn’t really have been more perfect. Except, it was the usual “surprise” so we all got there for 9.30 and she eventually arrived at 10.30am. She’d had Pilates right close to the venue but then had to go home to fetch her mom and sister for their “coffee date”. So we all got to chat, mingle and eventually even started on all the food and 2 of the ladies had to leave a few minutes after she got there and no one could stay that long as we all had kids to fetch or work to get back to. I honestly felt so sorry for her. She basically arrived and had to start opening presents and as soon as the presents were all opened people started to leave. Now maybe I’m just weird but why on earth not just tell her and she could have come straight from Pilates – another friend does the Pilates with her (also expecting twins) and didn’t go because of the baby shower but also said there’s place to change at Pilates and they often take other clothes along if they’re going elsewhere afterwards. She had 2 very easy pregnancies with her other girls and is a bit of a fitness fanatic so she’s really taking strain this time around as other than the Pilates she can’t exercise and I’m sure only other twin moms would understand being pregnant with twins (in summer) and having 2 little girls to look after as well (2 and 4) is no joke. If you’ve only ever had twins then I guess you don’t know any better but I think it’s even tougher when you’ve had 2 singletons and now need to cope with a twin pregnancy and the prospect of having twins as well (knowing full well how tough just one newborn is). I do not envy her one tiny little bit, in fact all the matching little outfits and babygro’s that she got started making me nervous, so not quite sure how she felt.

We had a lovely time catching up with our friends, although it was rather quick but at least we got to see them as it’s never quite the same chatting over the phone. We used to see a lot of them when we lived in CT and have seen them quite a few times since we moved, including twice when we were in Cape Town in May. We also have one of those digital photo frames and there are quite a lot of photos of Zoe and Holly on the frame and she and Ava literallly watch the photos every single day. Zoe has never mentioned it before but when they rang the bell, she immediately asked, “Why are Holly and Oliver black and their mom and dad white?”

Today was a pretty perfect day here, little windy at first but the afternoon was lovely and this evening is gorgeous with not a breath of wind. My parents came over for a swim in our pool (still 30 degrees so warmer than theirs), chocolate brownies which we made and then this evening we went for a cycle/run along the beach. The beach was buzzing with everyone else doing the same and loads of surfers so it was just a perfect end to a great weekend. Chris has gone to fetch sushi from our favourite sushi place for supper so that’s going to make the evening even more perfect.

Next weekend we’re off to stay at friends of ours’ game farm, then it’s here for a weekend and then off to Knysna (Under Milkwood) with my folks and brother and his family for the weekend. Chris’s folks happen to be at the Beacon Isle in Plett for a week at the same time, so we’ll be stopping off to stay with them on our way back. Only problem is the Marathon on 3 December so need to do some serious mileage in amongst this gallivanting.


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  1. cat@juggling act Says:

    Oh yes, twins after a singleton is very daunting – ask me. If she needs some support ask her to pop me a mail

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