Quick one

I see that since I was last blogging wordpress has changed a bit and even give you ideas for posts. Yesterday I noticed it was about your second name and whether you like it. Mine is Louise and I dislike it. It meant nothing to my parents, they just thought it went well with Katherine. I never use it, unless I’m filling stuff out. I was named after a good friend of my parents and I love my first name but am personally not big into second names unless there is a reason for them. In my opinion, it just means it takes longer to fill in forms. Because of our long surname we decided not to give the girls second names. We struggled to agree on one name for each of them so can’t imagine how we would’ve managed two. Chris actually uses his second name – he’s officially Johannes Christiaan. He hates it when he’s called Johannes (name tags at conferences, on his patients’ hospital stickers,etc.)and I cannot see the point of giving your child a name and then not using it. Thank goodness we never had a boy. Chris is not keen on family names at all but I’m sure if we’d named our son something other than Johannes Christiaan they would’ve thought it came from me.

Without planning it that way at all both girls’ names mean life. Zoe is Greek and means life. In Latin Ava means “bird”, something she definitely isn’t except she does like birds (her favourite panties have birds on them as well as her favourite dress). Oh and her favourite book is the South African one “Gallivanting Granny” which has a Hadida in it and she does an excellent impression of a Hadida. It also means “breath of life” and it’s Hebrew and Italian origin are from Eve which means life. They are both very lively, chatty and full of life. Far too full of life sometimes, there are days when I long for the silent, moody teenage years as they both talk non-stop all day long and at the moment they are practising for their school concert (Noah’s Ark) and the church nativity so now we have non-stop singing as well. Oh and they love to make up songs, and let me tell you they are definitely not future Idols stars, that I am sure of.


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  1. cat@juggling act Says:

    We (almost) share a first name – or the base is the same. Our boys both have second names but the Princess not, and was she upset about that. Am thinking of adding the “Catharina” to hers for a second if she persists.

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