It might be time

Summer is here, although no one seems to have mentioned it to whoever controls PE’s weather as today is rainy and rather chilly. Once a week or so we get a taste of what lies ahead and it’s a gorgeous day. PE is always like this, summer only really starts in late December/ January but then all the way up to June and July we have the most gorgeous weather.Ava doesn’t look like a girly girl – she’s a little chubby with a naughty face (does have blonde hair and blue eyes but not girly looking) and yet, she LOVES dresses and dressing up. She would happily wear a little strappy dress every day and every afternoon she insists on putting on her ballet outfit or fairy outfit (I’ve got an old photo of the ballet one but will still put one up of the girls in their fairy dresses). Zoe is tall and thin and has gorgeous long,curly blonde hair. She is a very pretty child I think and yet she would happily wear tights or skinny jeans and T-shirts with a jersey or fleece everyday!! I bought her the most beautiful skirts and dresses at Naartjie, Woolies Firefly stuff and other lovely summer dresses from Pick ‘n Pay (they have lovely cotton stuff) which she won’t wear. The only saving grace is that Ava will definitely wear them.

Precious ballerina - taken in January so a while ago


Anyway, back to summer. I have strapless bra’s but they’re really old and uncomfortable and whenever I wear them, by the end of the day I’m going mad. Yesterday Ava and I popped into Woolies and I grabbed a strapless bra in my size and brought it home. I was about to throw my slip away when I remembered the bra and thought to quickly try it on. It is way too small, I mean seriously too small (the cup size). How devastating. Chris knows, it’s his job and he keeps telling me that this or that bra is too big and doesn’t fit me properly but I’ve been living in denial. I have actually been a 32C (not even pregnancy/breastfeeding related) but was convinced I was still a 32B, I can’t actually cope with being a 32A. Thankfully despite breastfeeding they don’t sag at all – I know that for a fact because there are certain measurements (think it’s from your clavicle to the ni.pple) and mine are still within the normal range.Perhaps it’s just because there’s nothing much to sag!

Some may think, well lucky you you’re married to the right man but the right man is reluctant to operate on his wife. I obviously would like no one to even notice if I have it done. Chris has samples at work which I’ve tried and I lean towards the smallest size implant you get and he says that’s ridiculous. There are implants made for symmetrising surgery – so if you have a mastectomy on the one side then they adjust the size of your other breast to match – usually they do a reduction but sometimes one needs a very small implant.

There are a few problems – I will not be able to run for 6 weeks and that might actually kill me. I think I can cycle and swim after 2 weeks. There is a girl in our running club who had it done recently and she only stopped running for about 3-4 weeks but she isn’t married to the surgeon. She had absolutely nothing and is now a full B (small C) and she says she doesn’t notice it when running(something I’m nervous about, I certainly don’t want my running affected by my b.oo.b job). On so many levels I can’t even believe I’m contemplating it but Chris says that if you walk 100m in a shopping centre you will pass 10 women that have had it done. It would seriously cost very little – the cost of the implants and the theatre costs (and the hospital might not even charge because Chris works there and so generates lots of money for them) but still I’m almost too embarrassed to have it done and I’m scared one thing will lead to another.

On Monday I walked with Ava to the beach with the dogs (it was a glorious day) and she found a little friend at the tidal pool and they were having such a ball that we stayed much longer than I’d planned – I had sun screen and a hat for Ava but not myself (my moisturiser is SPF 15 though) and walking back I thought, oh well I’ll probably need a facelift when I’m 45 but that’s okay???? Chris could probably do a br.east aug.mentation in his sleep – he does them often and I think they’re fairly straight forward. A facelift is definitely trickier, he’s already reluctant to do my there’s no way he’d agree to a facelift. Not because he can’t do it but because it’s not really ethical to operate on your own family. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but he keeps offering to do my mom’s eyes for her – he does it in his rooms and so it costs him nothing. She doesn’t want her eyes done, she wants a breast reduction but he flat-out refuses to do a breast reduction on his mother-in-law so he plays the family card very quickly!!

It’s almost like the decision to have a 3rd child or not, I can’t make up my mind. I just know I’ll chicken out at the last moment.

For now I just need to go and take the stupid bra back and buy my first 32A. Can you even take bra’s back to Woolies? If not, then my mind’s made up for sure, I’ll keep the bra and get my husband to organise the b.o.obs to fit into it!


2 Responses to “It might be time”

  1. darylfaure Says:

    Go for it – if it will make you feel good about yourself then why not?

  2. cat@juggling act Says:

    Jip. they do take bras back. I have gone from an ample DD to somewhere between a B and a C and sagging after breastfeeding 3 for a year (and tandem for a year). But I am ok with the boobs – am however considering a tummy tuck after a 2x 3kg baby twin pregnancy

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