Car saga continues

Would you believe, we still cannot decide. Can’t think where I left off. After driving the Fortuner we I decided no ways, I am not going to drive a bakkie or such a big car, I am just not ready for that. I loved the Freelander but Chris was worried it was too small. He would like to buy a 2nd hand Prado (previous model) or 2nd hand Discovery also probably the Disco 3 but at the end of the day, I’d still be the one driving it around town and the only big vehicle that I feel drives like a car, is the Disco 4 and both of us feel it isn’t the right time to be spending so much on a car when we have other priorities. There is still stuff we want to do at home and there is a very real possibility of Chris going fully private and that means he needs spare cash to set up a practice  which could cost a lot (in his existing rooms – fairly minimal cost) or in a house that he buys (significant initial cost but big benefits down the line). At the end of the day, investing in either our house or even better, his work is a far better option than putting money into a car that’s only going to depreciate.

No idea how I stumbled across it but I am now very keen on getting a VW Tiguan. It’s probably between that and a Freelander. Only catch is that there are no Tiguan’s (2 litre diesel 4×4) available in the country at the moment, so we’re looking at a 3-4 month wait. Because of the price limit we’ve set ourselves we’re probably looking at a new 2nd hand Freelander if we were to go that route. Other issues at stake – I haven’t actually driven a Tiguan. Friends of ours have one but she has the 1,4 and so the drive wouldn’t be the same and there are no diesel one’s currently available to test drive so we’d possibly order a car without having even driven in it. Issue number 2 is that Land rover offered me a really good price for my car and that is rapidly becoming a very attractive offer. Let me explain:

For some reason unbeknown to either of us we had our windscreen fixed “privately” – not claiming on our insurance. Both of us were under the impression the excess would be huge and so we did it ourselves. They (the car part people) kind of assured us that the light and rain sensors would still work and although the light sensor does, the rain one doesn’t. We obviously only found this out afterwards and at the time we were literally about to sell the car (we thought). I’m mad at myself as I really should’ve just checked our policy as I’m pretty sure the excess for a windscreen is R500 even though a new one for my car costs about R8000. Anyway, it doesn’t rain an awful lot here so most of the time I’m oblivious. Friday morning I’m driving around getting some things for our weekend away and it is in fact raining gently but my intermittent wipers are linked to the rain sensor and so I don’t have that function anymore, IRRITATING I tell you.

The dogs were spending the weekend with my folks and as I opened the boot to let them jump in, the boot came crashing and let me tell you it came CRASHING down, nearly hurting Olive very badly. I didn’t think too much of it until I let them out at my mom and then tried to put groceries in my boot – the hydraulic thingy me jigs that keep the boot open (and help it to open and close) are suddenly stuffed and so you have to push with enormous force to get the boot up and then while you’re trying to get your stuff in the boot, the boot is forcefully trying to close itself. It is physically impossible to keep it open and load stuff in, impossible. My only option – CAR GUARDS!!! Oh my hat was I in a foul mood.

I almost forget another complete b&&lls up we made, but first I’ll finish this story, just bear in mind that my car now stinks of creosote, that would be creosote people.

We then drive very safely and comfortably to our friends’ beautiful farm outside Somerset East.  There is a bit of gravel road as you get close to the farm and then one needs to park your car at the gate and they came to fetch us in the Land Cruiser as the road to the farmhouse isn’t great for cars. As we get out the car we see that my car has lost a hubcap. The final straw. We didn’t find the hubcap on the way back either. Let’s recap a bit, the car drives very well at the moment but it has no intermittent wiper ability, the boot can’t really open or close, it’s missing a hubcap and stinks/is streaked with creosote.

The creosote story…since doing our renovations we have quite a long blank wall in our back garden which we look onto from the sun/braai room and pool. We have planted a row of Olive trees but we’d thought a couple of trellises would help to break it a bit. Chris said he’d make them. We also put some large pots with Jasmine along the wall which 2 of the bedrooms look out onto. The Jasmine needs trellises to grow up against. I’d seen trellises at the side of the road and even saw slightly tapered ones which I thought would be nice for above the pots – 3 small tapered trellises for the Jasmine to grow up, perfect and I’d save Chris some work. I chatted to Chris and suddenly the 3 small trellises morphed into 6 large (1 x 2m) ones. The guys who make them get all the wood from the bush – they told us this. Chris is very disappointed they are not straight – his words, “You can see once again that no right angle was used!” (He built our deck with the gardener and one of the builder’s handlangers and spent much of the time trying to explain to them all about right angles). I did remind him that they were using trees and bushes as their building material as opposed to wood from Penny Pinchers. R1300 down the drain – we Chris likes neat, clean lines and uniformity, he is a stickler for detail and everything must look perfect. You can understand why the trellises made in the bush were never going to cut it. Why oh why didn’t we just buy one first, see how it looked before ordering 6? Chris is abit prone to stuff like this, he’ll take years to decide on some things (buying cars) and other stuff he’ll buy in a flash and go overboard which sometimes works but often not. The collecting of these 6 creosote covered trellises is why my car stinks and has blacks streaks all over it’s previously reasonably clean interior.

We can maybe put one against the back wall and grow another Jasmine and then put the others down the side to cover a bit of an ugly wall that only our guest room looks out onto. Our neighbours on that side are busy doing massive renovations and I’m sure that they will want to replace that wall anyway so then 5 will be well and truly useless. Chris is all for taking them back so that they can sell them to someone else. Not a bad option but I feel too bad, they might think we don’t like them. Ha ha. They did build them according to our specifications, but there is only so much one can do with wood collected in the bush. Let’s just hope they used the money wisely and we’ll just count it as a bit of charity.

The irritation I have with my car is most probably aggravated by the fact that I’m staring down the barrel of builders this week. They are due to start sorting out our front wall trashing my garden this week. I really need to take some photos as I can’t tell you just how lovely the garden is looking. It is going to break my heart. They don’t actually have much building work to do so there is no reason for any trashing but I have no doubt they will find a way, they always do.


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