Stunning day here today, yay. As you may or may not remember Tuesday is running club evening, so the one morning I don’t wake up early for a run. This morning was a perfect morning sunny, not too hot, no wind and much as I love to lie in I did feel very bad that I hadn’t gone for a run. After dropping the girls at school I did take the dogs for a lovely long walk along the beach. Olive just loves the beach and her absolute best is to swim in the tidal pool at the end of the beach we always walk on. She is 7 now so getting a bit older but she always charges towards this pool as we get closer and she goes in for dip after dip after dip and then does her trick of diving out stones which always amuses anyone else who happens to be there.

This afternoon Ava had a great swimming lesson, can definitely see some progress at last and then yet another curve ball. Chris went off to Land Rover as he says it was opposite the bicycle shop (he is planning to buy a bike and then do Iron Man I think but I’m too scared to ask). He is still more keen on a Discovery. For less than the price of a new Freelander we can get a 2nd hand Discovery 3. He met us at swimming and handed me the keys to a Discovery (just to drive home). It was actually quite nice and it has an awful lot of space but it is awfully big. It is basically the last Discovery they made before bringing out the new one, sure that’s not good as I’m sure they weren’t giving it their best effort when they built it.

I think I could actually cope with driving it and we might actually go for it, just need to check a few details. Ironically they have a 2nd hand 2.o litre Tiguan for sale so on Friday or Saturday we will go there and look at the Freelander, Tiguan and Discovery and make a final decision. This is going to sound a bit silly but I’ve never had a brand new car, I know they don’t actually make financial sense but still. We once had a brand new house and it was rather nice. I had some friends at Varsity that were  given brand new cars and Chris’s family always all buy new cars, well everyone except him. No one else in his family has a bond either so something’s obviously wrong – think it must be the living in PE that’s the problem. He is by far the fittest and the best dad and husband though, so I’ll take that above a new car and bond-free house in Bryanston/Saxonwold/Stellenbosch/Simons Town any day. A few weeks of dogs and kids and one can kiss the new car smell goodbye anyway. I always feel bad when we test drive these cars overnight as we always put the dogs in the boot and their hair (Olive’s in particular) gets everywhere and that hair is a bugger to try to vacuum let me tell you. This Disco 3 is white with beige leather seats (I’d prefer silver with black leather seats but I’d actually prefer anything other than my Scenic right now). We have to get the hubcap from Renault at a cost of some ridiculous amount (a light bulb usually costs R700) and Chris has ordered the thingy-me-jiggies for the boot (from Midas). Maybe Johnny (Land Rover man) won’t notice that there’s a hubcap missing and the boot decapitates you if you actually manage to open it. Let’s hope he’s still willing to give us the same trade-in. It’s really good as I checked on Autotrader and I’m sure those cars all have 4 hubcaps and a working rain sensor. This new consumer act troubles me, I am very reluctant to sell the car privately. Chris is the ultimate bargainer but I reckon we need to take Land Rover’s money, give them an awful lot of ours and drive away very quickly.

Tonight’s club run was superb. We ran all the way along the beachfront to the far gate at NMMU (the Iron Man route), turned around and ran along the boardwalk all along the beach back to the club at the Pier. The sea was gorgeous and everyone was out-runners, cyclists, walkers, paddlers, swimmers, the lot. I have said this before and I’ll say it again, on days like today there is no better place to live.


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