We have been really busy the last few weekends, Chris was on call, then we were away and next weekend we’re away again so this weekend feels like the first weekend in ages we’ve Chris has been able to get some DIY done. The trellises actually grew on us a bit once they were in position, so one of the jobs was to put them up against the wall.

We also bought one of those backwash tanks (you backwash into it, wait 24 hours and then put most of the water back in your pool and the last little dirty bit gets dumped). It’s probably a drought-region kind of thing so most of you have probably never heard of it. Anyway, that was months ago when we’d just put in the pool. That was 100% Chris’s crazy purchase. The reason I say crazy is that we have a borehole and so water for the garden/pool isn’t an issue. Friends of ours have a pool but no borehole, so we’re giving them the tank. The gardener is here moving some plants out of harms way in anticipation for the wall building that starts on Monday. He also asked for the old roof tiles that were removed when we put a new roof on the guest room and built the new domestic quarters. He had some contact to come and collect them but that fizzled out and so he is busy loading them into the trailer (will be a few loads I reckon) so that Chris can take him home later. He’s coming again tomorrow to help with composting my mom’s garden and so they can do another trip or 2 then. My parents have outdoor furniture (table and chairs) that they want to get rid of because they are inheriting our old stuff, so that is also going to him along with a lot of our garage cast-offs in preparation for the Disco’s arrival next week. It  (the Disco)does fit in the garage with the Mini and all Chris’s 100 and one tools, radial-arm saws, storage drawer things, oregon pine planks,etc,etc, but it would be less of a Squash and a Squeeze (girls love that book) if we could get rid of the table and chairs and a lot of the crap. We’ve got the quote for the garage and it isn’t too bad although it’s still a bit of money when you consider we’re just extending it 4,5 metres. Fingers crossed we can do that earlyish next year although the next bit in whole grand design scheme is to join the house to the garage and make a study in the new section and the current study/playroom will then become a family room only so the decision is whether to do that at the same time or not.

This morning I did a 10km race and it wasn’t very pleasant. We ran along the beachfront out and back but the first 5km were into a fairly strong wind. Coming back was okay but the last bit of a 10km is always tough because it’s such a fast race. I came 5th which is good but it wasn’t my best time, think I did 43min 20 seconds. Some really arb info now. I have mentioned before that I don’t watch what I eat. We eat fairly healthily as a family but Chris and I usually have some or other chocolate in the evening and being a SAHM there are always lots of playdates with yummy eats during the week,etc. I also drink a lot of tea, not with sugar but we only use full-cream milk at home so 5/6 cups of tea must surely add up. As an experiment this week I have switched to Peppermint tea (2 cups of Ceylon only) and cutting out the treats as much as I can. In 4 days I lost a kg,yay and rewarded myself with a whole Woolies handmade nougat(!!), then today wasn’t great as I had a banana before the race but we were in such a rush afterwards that I didn’t eat breakfast and then went straight to a kiddies party when we got back from the nursery and bike shop. Tomorrow we’re doing a 30km training run so hopefully the 1kg will become more. I don’t think I need to lose weight I’m just trying to be as light as possible for the upcoming marathon on 3 December.

Chris now has a brand new road bike which he’s quite excited about. Did you know that an entry level carbon fibre bike now costs R15 000 (when you include the shoes and helmet)? I’m sure that’s what I paid my brother for his car in about 1998. It wasn’t a new car but still. Having said that you get fancy bikes that cost close to R100 000 and you can definitely buy a car for that sort of money. Crazy sport cycling – it takes forever and costs a fortune, give me running anyday. The wind was quite strong this morning but it’s absolutely howling now and he and a friend have gone cycling. Good luck to them. Thankfully there’s no wind forecast for our training run tomorrow.


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