Chris’s work situation is a little unsure at the moment. There is a very good chance that he will go fully private next year and that move will cost a bit of money initially. We aren’t keen to tie up all our spare cash/money that’s in the bond and retained in his practice in a new car as we might need it for a little while next year. We therefore decided to finance part of the car, something we’ve never had to do and not something we want to do.

Land Rover have a deal/relationship with Wes.b.ank and just to get a comparison, we asked Investec to give us a rate as well. At first I was more keen to go with Land Rover as I know they all get something out of it and thought it might make the whole buying process easier. We also needed to get some stuff from the accountant for Investec and to be honest I was a bit lazy to do that. The Land Rover lady (Belinda)phoned me on Saturday morning (while we were in the bike shop getting Chris’s new bike) and asked a whole lot of questions. Our plan is to pay off the car asap, well before the 36 months are up. I specifically asked her if there were any penalties if one did so and she said she would check that and make sure there weren’t. Initially We.sbank came back with a worse rate than Investec which meant I had to rush around on Monday getting the stuff to them while the Belinda went back to Wesb.ank to try to get them to match Investec’s rate. I know Investec have certain restrictions on who can bank with them, but my word, if you can you are crazy if you don’t. They are truly phenomenal.

I popped in unannounced on Monday and asked to see our personal banker (Karyn) who came immediately, checked through all the documents and told me what else I needed to email through to her. I did that once I’d got home and she emailed back immediately to say she’d have confirmation in the morning. She emailed and sms’ed the confirmation at 9am the next day but by then Wesbank had agreed to match their offer and I was still leaning towards them so I phoned Karyn and said thanks but no thanks. She emailed a bit later to tell me to check if there were any monthly fees as she said that often the dealers do that whereas through Investec it would be included in our monthly fee which we pay. Think it’s R295 and that’s for everything – our bond, internet banking, any ATM withdrawals, debit orders, you name it, that is our total monthly bank charge fee.

I then tried to phone Wesba.nk and was put through to about 6 different people only to be told eventually that the account was in my husband’s name and so they couldn’t give me any information. All I wanted to know was whether there’d be a monthly fee charged or not.

Chris then goes off to fetch my car and do all the paperwork. Unfortunately the lady who I’d dealt with was not there because as he’s reading through the contract it states that if one is to pay the amount off before the 36 months are up, they can charge you a penalty fee (no indication of what it is) and even if they decide to waver this penalty fee they will charge you 3 months interest. While he was there he phoned Karyn at Investec and she assured him that the Investec finance account is like an access bond and you can pay in and take out money as you please and there is no penalty whatsoever for paying it off sooner.

Here is another incredible fact. Perhaps Investec’s landline phones have caller ID I’m not sure but when he phoned her, he said “Hi there Karyn” and she immediately said, “Hi Chris”, he didn’t even have to tell her who he was. Now you might think we phone the her all the time but we really don’t and yet when I popped in unannounced she knew exactly who I was (I’ve only actually met her once 2 years ago) and all the necessary stuff about us. We have her direct number as well as her cellphone number. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for her, whether it be when we were sorting out our bond, getting our foreign exchange or when Chris has needed to change stuff for his business, nothing. You just have to phone her and it is done or she answers your question immediately.

Back to the car – there and then, Chris refused to take the Wesbank finance and so we’re now going with Investec, thankfully Land Rover still gave him the car. Karyn will get everything sorted with the insurance and the dealership and they’ll then take the papers to Chris for him to sign and the new account will be linked to all the rest – bond, his business one, private one and my account.

So, two issues here, it’s amazing how buying a car is always full of c%$p and while car salesman aren’t quite as bad as estate agents, they aren’t a whole lot better either and I’m glad that I’m hopefully finished dealing with them for a while. One or two small cosmetic things need to be replaced on the car and they have said they’d do that when it goes for a service (in maintenance plan) in December, fingers crossed that will be done.

The other issue is that I can’t praise Investec enough. Their customer service is amazing. We used to bank with A.bsa where we also had a personal banker and I can’t even tell you who they were. Firstly, they kept changing, one could never get hold of them and they were always so useless that even if you went to see them (which was a whole process in itself) they couldn’t seem to get stuff done. Each time I have any dealings with Investec I am blown away by just how good they are.

The car is divine by the way.


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  1. cat@juggling act Says:

    The private banks are all quite phenomenal as far as service goes. We get items delivered to us, we never pick up for instance.

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