Zoe is going to a new school for Grade 0 next year. She’s been at a play school in Summerstrand but will be going to Collegiate (my old school) next year. It is a girls school and is about 15 minutes away from Summerstrand, which in PE means it quite far away. She has to be there by 7.45am and I’m trying to block that fact out of my mind till 12 January 2012. At the moment she usually only wakes up at 7am and we only start eating breakfast just before 8am. I am a morning person and am instantly awake as soon as my alarm goes off and can be up, dressed and ready to go in minutes. Both girls seem to take after their father and although they thankfully don’t wake up grumpy, they do take forever to get up and going – all they want to do is snuggle in bed (their words).

None of the other 6 girls in her current class are going to Collegiate but I know other moms whose daughters are and so we organised 2 get-togethers just for the moms and the new Collegiate girls (no siblings). We recently found out which classes they’ll be in and a few of the other little girls we met will be in Zoe’s class as well as a girl she swims with whose mom we know through running as well. It’s not easy having a playdate with siblings not invited and so I decided to organise a playdate with all the girls going to Mrs Church but include the siblings, thinking some wouldn’t be able to make it. There are 5 moms coming with a total of 12 children between them, so 14 including mine!!! Oh boy, I just hope the weather co-operates. At the 1st get-together the mom had gone to loads of trouble with party games,etc. I think I’ll just bake cupcakes and do a big bowl of popcorn/flings for the kids and do a milk tart and lemon meringue for the moms. Then what do I do about the pool. Our pool water is divine despite the fact that we’ve had hardly any hot weather and it’s been raining all the time (I’ve lived in PE for 21 of my 35 years and have never known PE to have this much rain). Yesterday we swam for ages. It’s so lovely that you can just walk straight any, you don’t even catch your breath as you get it, it’s that warm. Absolutely ideal entertainment but there are some little kids coming and all are little boys. Ava is fine around a pool, if I’m not in then she’ll play on the step but boys aren’t like that. Think I’ll just sms the moms and check. We also have steps leading out onto the garden which are a bit of a nightmare with crawling babies. It’s going to be an interesting afternoon. At the moment Windguru says it’s going to be 27 with not much wind so perfect swimming weather. But there’s more…

All was set for the gates and panels to be done today (with our wall) but typical they’re behind schedule. I’d especially organised for the gardener to come on Sunday to help fix up the trashed bits and he is getting all our old palisade so then Chris could take him home with the palisade (probably be a few trips). Now, in between having 17 people here on Monday afternoon I will have builders and gate builders here installing stuff and probably needing my input all the time. It’s Chris’s most hectic, long day at work. I am so mad. Part of the reason for the delay is that the gate guy wants the builder to be finished with as much of the painting as possible so they don’t bugger up the new wood/metal. They still need to remove the palisade with an angle grinder and patch those places with plaster, then prime and paint. They weren’t even here yesterday, at all and now today it’s raining. Thing is that the builder is a friend of a friend that’s now become more of a friend and as his wife runs with us. I understand it’s a tricky time of the year as the builders all close on 15 December and there are lots of jobs that need finishing off. He wasn’t to know I’d invited the world and his wife on Monday. I am now secretly hoping that it rains so much that everyone is delayed till Tuesday BUT then we start creeping ever closer to the 15 December and there is no way I want an unfinished wall for Christmas, which may happen anyway because…

Our neighbours started renovating when we did in February and are STILL busy. They have pretty much gutted their house. I think the inside is almost done but they are now cladding the outside (in that Vermont-style) and it’s a big double-storey. I think it looks nice but Chris isn’t keen on the look. At the moment they’re just doing the upstairs so not sure if they’re doing the whole house (that might be a bit much). They raised the wall next to our garage without even saying a word to us and are now putting up pillars along the boundary wall we share. It’s not a wall that really affects us as it is down the side and we don’t really look onto it at all whereas their living areas do. It is fairly low in parts and looks fairly dodgy (as in not strong enough to be raised). Chris saw the cladding guy this morning and he said they’re planning to raise it. Thanks for telling us. I’m sure it will fall down even if they build new pillars and that is seriously the last thing that I need – no garden wall during the builders holiday. Their property is still open to the street in one section which means our dogs will then be able to get out (nevermind the girls but thankfully they’re not the wandering type). At this stage the threat of leaving them behind when it’s time to go and they don’t want to leave still works.

We vaguely know the people as the husband did athletics with my older brother at school and the wife is a good friend of a friend of ours from church. Surely it’s common courtesy to chat to us about it. We raised parts of our boundary walls and chatted with both sets of neighbours long beforehand. If they just raise a bit then it means we have to paint the new section which basically means we must paint the whole wall and we’ve just had our garden done so I don’t even want to think of the mess and carnage if the whole wall falls down or needs to be replaced. I am just not strong enough for that, I am through with builders for 2011. We briefly talked about doing our garage and the study/family room next year but even with this little bit now I know that I am certainly not ready for that now.

It is absolutely pouring right now and there’s thunder around. Olive is terrified of thunder so she’s lying at my feet and following me around panting if I go anywhere. Bear is completely oblivious of thunder but he can’t understand why Olive is panting and keeps ‘attacking’ her and getting over-excited because he thinks that she thinks I’m about to take them for a walk. I actually need to pop to the shops but there is no way I’m going out in this.


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