Just to explain

Really wish we took a camera/phone to the beach this morning. It was stunning – the most amazing turquoise blue/green water, dolphins swimming amongst the paddlers (I promise) and just divine. We had a ball and didn’t want to leave but by 11.45 it really was getting rather hot and even with an umbrella just being in the sea for so long one needs to be so careful. Wow, and this weather is set to continue for the whole of next week as well, yay. Zoe only starts school on Thursday and while Ava can start on Wednesday I definitely think we’ll be holidaying an extra day as I can’t bear for it to be over already.

Now just in case I offended anyone yesterday. I have no issue with overweight or fat people, I am glad I am not one of them and that I’ve never had any issues with food or my weight but I have no problem with them. They actually make me feel better about myself and even help to keep me motivated when I’m lazy to go and run. I do have a problem with people who allow themselves to get so morbidly obese that they can’t stand up for longer than a minute and need full-time care and cannot work because of their weight. I realise there are many factors at play but I do wonder if you knew that if you kept getting bigger you would lose your job and as a result your home and then would be unable to feed and provide for your family, would you still continue to eat so much? I honestly think the answer is no. I do not think one can liken a food addiction to a drug addiction where I think people are quite prepared to sell themselves or worse, their children, to get their next fix. Eating food is a normal thing which we all do. We do not all take drugs as they are chemically addictive. I accept one can liken a food addiction to a drug addiction or smoking but I do believe cigarettes and drugs (because they are chemically/physically addictive) are different. One of the less invasive op’s they do is to insert a balloon into the patient’s stomach. This only lasts 6 months as it is eaten by the stomach acid but they said that this is often enough for a lifestyle change in terms of diet and starting to exercise, as the weight loss allows, and this is enough to get the whole process going and no further surgery is required. It just shows that one can make lasting , significant changes in a relatively short space of time.

A whole other issue is one that I was considering while lying on the beach today. Amongst all our friends I can only think of 1/2 that don’t exercise. Quite good I think and at least 8 out of 10 of our friends exercise quite a bit and most are in very good shape considering we are pretty much all in our mid-thirties. We once had a discussion at a dinner party and every single one of the husbands did not want their wives to be any thinner. I do admit all the wives at the dinner were thin anyway (1 had just had a baby and another was pregnant at the time). I only know of one friend that openly admits to his wife (and friends) that having an out-of-shape wife is his worst nightmare. His wife is about to have twins but looks incredible and is such a fitness fanatic that I’m sure she’ll be back to normal very quickly. But getting back to what the husbands had to say. Chris often gets comments from friends that would like their wives to have bigger boobs and they make jokes about getting group discounts. They say it in a joking fashion but the fact that they mention it so often must mean they’re thinking about it. As I said most of our friends are thin and having kids does take its toll on one’s breasts, especially if one is thin. It is ironic that women are always dreaming of thinner thighs and flatter tummies and yet most men aren’t in the least bit bothered. Chris will never do cosmetic surgery for someone unless they themselves want it, not their partner and the vast majority of his cosmetic patients are women which means they are wanting the surgery for themselves and not because their partner wants them to have it done. There is that classic ad of the 3 models depicting what most women aspire to be like (size 10), what most men would like their woman to be (size 12) and what the vast majority of women actually are (size 14).


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