Last Day

Chris is back to work tomorrow. He hasn’t really been off too much but that’s always the case this time of the year. We have lots of holiday to look forward to this year, starting with a week in Nature’s Valley in February. We leave on the 11th, my birthday, so another month. EEK almost 36!! Need to think of what I’m doing for my birthday this year. Last year we had just started renovating so I didn’t do anything except go out for dinner so this year it’ll have to be something special. Just not sure if it should be girls only during the day or an evening thing with all the husbands as well. I’m leaning towards getting people to come in and do sushi so should really get cracking and book them ASAP.

Chris and I have worked out a training schedule so that we hopefully both get all our training in every week. It is roughly as follows:

Monday: Chris rest, Katherine run am

Tuesday: Chris cycle am, K and C run pm (my parents have the kids as it’s running club night)

Wednesday: Chris cycle am, K run once I drop Ava at school, Chris swim lunchtime

Thursday: Chris cycle/run, K run (Joyce sleeps over so we can both do something)

Friday: K run am, Chris swim and run pm

Saturday: K long run, C long run or long cycle and run (Kids sleep over at my parents)

Sunday: K rest, Chris long run or cycle

Chris had planned to make side tables for our braai/sun room in the holidays but with all the visitors, socialising and stunning weather he never managed to. We need more seating in the sun room as we only have 2 single chairs and a 2 seater couch in there and that’s definitely not enough. Weylandt.s have the furniture that’s in there on special at the moment so think I need to order another 2 seater couch at least and possibly some side tables if I can persuade Chris to rather make something else with his garage full of wood and tools.

Our diningroom table is also on the endangered list at the moment. It is a small 8 seater and although when we have lots of friends over these days we get the kids to eat on a smaller table in the sun room, we really need a bigger table. We had the table made for our first house which had quite a small diningroom but now our diningroom is quite big. The diningroom is open plan to the kitchen and braai room so we gave our big outdoor table and chairs to my folks as it didn’t make any sense to have an outdoor table inside, right next to our diningroom table. Chris doesn’t like our current chairs at all as he prefers modern stuff and although the table is a fairly modern design (we got the guy who made it to copy a design we saw in a Habitat catalogue) the chairs aren’t really modern enough for him. The other issue is which wood to use. The current one is oak but we have beech floors so perhaps a slightly darker wood would be better. Also not sure of the exact size and shape. We eat at the table for every meal so don’t want it to feel too big when it’s just the 4 of us most and the room is rectangular so that would be a good option but my folks have an oval one and that’s much more sociable I think although not as modern.While we’re on the subject of endangered furniture.

We have a wooden sleeper couch that used to be in our kitchen in Pinelands. It had a futon mattress on which I never liked as it always sagged and looked a bit scruffy but was very comfy and both my mom and Chris love it. Earlier this year I had the futon changed to foam cushions which looks better but isn’t as comfortable. The couch is currently in Zoe’s room. She has a huge bedroom and it’s quite nice to have a couch there as the children like to read stories and play with their dolls, etc. on it. The wood bit is not a great colour – pine stained to a dark, reddy colour. Chris would like it to move to the braai room but I absolutely refuse. I think it would be perfect for Joyce’s house, then I could get two big poofs covered in some divine funky fabric for Zoe and Ava to use. Zoe has bunk beds in her room and Ava just has a lovely single bed that Chris made. Ava ‘needs’ another bed for her room so that we can have 2 kids sleeping in both rooms (as is necessary when people with children come to stay). Just ignore for a moment the double bed sleeper couch in Zoe’s room – it is too difficult to move from one room to another. I know technically I could put it in Ava’s room but that just isn’t going to happen. Zoe’s room is nicely decorated in Treehouse stuff but last year I had Ava’s room done properly by a proper kiddies decor company/shop and it’s just soo much nicer. I find one gets tired of Treehouse stuff very quickly as it’s all too much of the same. I can’t wait to have Zoe’s room done but think I’ll wait till she’s a little older and ready for something a bit more grown-up (if I can hold out that long). So, at the end of the day I’m not going to put the awful red/brown sleeper couch with neutral beige foam cushions in Ava’s beautiful room. Or maybe I can sand the couch down, oil it (or have it sprayed white), get some gorgeous scatters and problem solved. Have chatted with the minister of finance and I will be painting it white, getting scatters, moving it to Ava’s room and then getting poofs for Zoe’s room (to start the de-Treehousing process).

We have another problem. I don’t get hot easily. I hardly sweat while running and sleep under a duvet 365 nights a year. Chris sleeps under a duvet about 50 nights year and his feet stick out 365 nights a year. Mozzies bite Chris (and buzz around his head) but leave me alone completely. He likes to sleep with the ceiling fan on in summer and I don’t. I hate the feeling of a cold breeze on me. Usually I insist on the fan being turned off once we go to bed. It’s been quite hot lately, not February/March hot but still hot without any natural breeze. Chris was moaning about being hot and the mozzies and, and, and so the real reason I couldn’t get to sleep the other night was because the fan was on. Chris was waking up at about 4.50am to go cycling and so I felt too bad to turn the fan off. I eventually went to sleep in Zoe’s room as the spare room is quite far away from the other bedrooms. I think I was so tired last night that I didn’t have trouble falling asleep but I did keep waking up in the night feeling cold. We talked about getting air-con in all the bedrooms last year but by the time all the renovations were done it was winter and we rather decided to do the garden and the wall in front. We really need to organise some aircon. I’m okay with aircon as it won’t be blowing directly on me. No idea how we’re going to decide on what temperature to set it at though. Why does it always feel when one thing is done there are still another hundred that need doing and then there are always the unexpected curve-balls like a new washing machine and dishwasher which we had last year.

Chris just completed his first 1km sea swim and managed really well. Now the biggest test is going to be to fit in all this training AND working full-time.

He is now busy making fairy wings with the girls. They drew the shapes on really big, thick cardboard which he then cut with his jigsaw. In the garage they sit up on the bonnet of the Disco so they can watch what he’s doing, too gorgeous. They painted Ava’s wings the other day and are now doing Zoe’s and then he’s got some elastic rope to tie them on with. They are all 3 in their element. Both girls are craft/drawing/colouring-in obsessed but the stuff they came up with is quite incredible. They definitely get their creative side from their dad.

So ends another Christmas holiday. By far the best one ever. A bit gutted we’re not about to get on a plane to go skiing in Austria like this time last year but then again there’s always next year.


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